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All 10 Ooze Saturn Globe Grinder colors are in a pyramid layout on a white marble counter. In order from front to back: rainbow, pink, purple, red, green, teal, black, silver, stealth black, and chrome.

New Saturn Grinder Colors Have Landed

Layne Alfred |

Five new colors of our Saturn Globe Grinder are entering the atmosphere! Stealth black, pink, purple, rainbow, and chrome are now joining the lineup along with black, silver, teal, red and green.

 The five new Ooze Saturn globe grinder colors are lined up on a white marble counter. Pink and stealth black are in front with purple, rainbow and chrome behind.

If you’re already familiar with this one-of-a-kind grinder, you can probably imagine how gorgeous all nine iridescent colors look all lined up on your counter. Each is individually packaged in square boxes that can neatly be stacked up for display. Plus, each box includes a beautiful velvet pouch that can be displayed on the counter with an unboxed grinder. You could even feature them with a whole solar system-themed display!


If you’re not familiar with the Saturn grinder, let’s go over the unique engineering of this product. The spherical shape allows for optimal storage space above and below the actual grinding mechanism… in layman’s terms, there are separate compartments for both ground and unground nugs. This keeps the ground weed fresh for a few days, great for those who like to grind up their herbs every few days instead of every day. This also means you can market the Saturn as a 2-in-1 storage container and grinder since the top half is completely separate from the rest of the grinder.

 A female hand with green nails holds a pink Ooze Saturn grinder fully open, both sides held in one hand above a white marble background.

The middle grinding compartments have a magnetic closure that’s strong enough to keep it closed even during transit, but is still easy enough to open and twist to grind. And, yes, each grinder includes a pollen, or kief, scraper. In true Saturn fashion, the kief collects along the rings.


This four-piece grinder is made of scratch-resistant, aircraft-grade aluminum, so it’s the real deal. This makes the Saturn heavy so it grinds flower smoothly and consistently. The teeth are razor sharp but spaced out enough that herbs are perfectly ground and not too finely shredded. High quality and intelligently engineered, this grinder was truly was designed with your customers’ needs in mind.


It’s also easier to actually use than most typical grinders that are cylindrical. Its ergonomic globe shape makes it easier to grip and twist, so it’s great for those with disabilities, joint pain or weakness in the hands. It even has a thumbprint, which makes it even easier to turn, even if your hands are just greasy from the French fries you were alternating bong hits with.

 A female hand holds three Ooze saturn grinders in one hand: purple, pink and rainbow. The background is a white marble counter

Besides its design, it’s the hottest grinder in the streets! Your 90’s customers will gravitate towards its Wonder Ball-esque look. Plus, unique color combinations and pearly finish make it that much more out-of-this-world.


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