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Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen Batteries hang in their original packages on a rack on the wall. Orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, and purple are there.

Use Ooze Products for CBD!

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Besides the fact that we’re living in a chronically stressed out society, CBD’s popularity has been partly due to its versatility. CBD can be eaten, smoked or consumed in wax, tinctures, and more. In order for your customers to be able to take full advantage of this variety, it’s crucial to have the tools available for each method of consumption available. With a range of devices and pieces designed to elevate the medicating experience, Ooze is your one-stop shop for everything CBD!

A female hand with red nails holds a bottle of Good CBD Tincture in front of a shelf full of boxes of the same product.

There’s one major reason why it’s so important to get in on the CBD craze if you haven’t already. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, so users don’t feel overwhelmingly euphoric or “out of it.” This makes it accessible and useful for virtually anyone, broadening your customer demographic immensely.


Silicone-Glass Hybrid Pieces

The teal Ooze Clobb silicone-glass hybrid water bubbler sits on a white shelf in its original packaging.

CBD flower is growing in popularity, and our silicone-glass hybrid pieces ranging from chillums to bongs are the perfect way to consume it. These products were designed for both flower and concentrates, so they perfectly cater to the versatility of CBD. Medicating, even with CBD, can get boring, so having one piece that allows consumers to mix it up is a breath of fresh air. Not to mention, they’re fun and colorful in a variety of shapes and patterns.


Silicone Glass Storage

4 silicone and glass jars are all filled with weed and lined up together on a white table. The teal and green are on the ends, with the lids off and spilling over. The black and Rasta are centered with the lids on.

Quality CBD flower deserves a quality storage container! There's no point in investing in these products if they're just going to sit on a shelf and get stale before they can be used. A glass jar provides the perfect environment to keep CBD nugs fresh until it's time to smoke. When the flower only touches glass, it keeps the tastes pure and terpenes intact. Make sure the lid has the ability to create an airtight seal. The pop top vial or small jar the CBD flower originally comes in does the trick for short term storage, but for longer term storage and travel, a jar is a better option!

Electric Nectar Straws

A white hand holds the Ooze Pronto electric nectar collector against a white background.

Portable dab straws have been growing in popularity, and Ooze is excited to announce a few of their own versions! The Pronto electric nectar straw is a handheld device that vaporizes CBD concentrates without a torch. It's never been easier to take a dab whenever, wherever. Instead of struggling to neatly handle sticky concentrates, a dab straw inserts directly into a container of wax, no need to use a dab tool!


Rainbow of Vaporizers

Additionally, all our Ooze batteries and vapes are great options for CBD consumers. Slim Twist pens are perfect for yummy fruit-flavored CBD oils. We offer them in every color you can imagine so you can create rainbow displays that will captivate every vape enthusiast. Our unique Gusher Globe vaporizers are great for CBD wax connoisseurs. They produce massive clouds for those who prioritize those over all else—we all know those folks!

 A female hand with long nails holds four boxes of Ooze Slim Twist vape pen batteries.

To please your customers that like medicating the truly all-natural way, our Drought dry herb vaporizer converts dry CBD flower into vapor. This is a great device to offer CBD patients who want to remain discreet but prefer the full flavor of the natural herb.    


Along with stocking up on different CBD devices and pieces, it’s also essential to make sure the actual CBD products you’re selling are of high quality. There are tons of wholesale CBD products that aren't what they claim to be. They often don’t contain a substantial amount of CBD, and many products have not been properly tested. CBD consumers are aware of this controversy and are on top of their research, so it’s important for you to only stock high quality, FDA-approved CBD products and brands in your store.


At Ooze, our goal is to take the guesswork out of choosing CBD products for your store. So, along with supplying you with the best CBD devices and pieces, we've found trusted CBD brands with high-quality products so your customers always know they can make a confident purchase with you. Check out our range of products and hybrid pieces today to cover all your CBD bases!

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