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A female hand with pink nail polish holds the new blue and pink Ooze Cryo Glycerin Glass bowls in the palm of her hand against the Ooze Universe poster background.

Ooze Cryo Glycerin Glass Bowls Just Added Two Cool New Colors

Cannatron Team |

Get ready to step your glass selection up a notch! We’re excited to announce the addition of two new colors to the lineup of our popular Cryo Glycerin Glass Bowls– bright watermelon pink and a cool ocean blue. Now you can dazzle customers with a beautiful array of five color options that’s sure to get the conversation started.


The Cryo Bowl is a glass hand pipe with a liquid glycerin-filled coil in the middle. When the glycerin chamber freezes, the smoking effect is equivalent to that of an icy bong hit: chilled, smooth and much gentler on the throat and lungs. In fact, it’s so smooth you may warn your customer to watch their intake the first time they use it– massive hits are easy to take!

 A female hand with pink nail polish holds the blue Ooze Cryo Glycerin Glass bowl in a kitchen in front of a stainless steel fridge.

This is simply because as it passes through the bowl and slides over the cold glycerin center, the smoke condenses for a more powerful hit. Rips from a typical bowl or bong are also hot and sometimes ashy, causing a burning sensation in the throat and excessive coughing. When smoke passes over ice (or chilled glycerin in this case), it’s effectively cooled down to a comfortable temperature and will cause less damage on the throat and lungs.


We’d even argue it’s better than using actual ice cubes to chill your smoke. Ice cubes melt and can result in water vapor mixing with your smoke, which isn’t something you want to be inhaling. Glycerin has a high freezing point, meaning it will get “ice cold” but not literally frozen. By replacing ice with glycerin, this bowl prevents condensation and unwanted water vapor. Your customers can now have the convenience of a hand pipe AND a filtered hit that’s easier and safe on the throat and lungs.

 The pink Ooze Cryo Glycerin Glass bowl is in a freezer drawer on top of a container with a dark pink lid.

Once you get customers hooked by the display, you can heighten their curiosity by telling them (or even better, showing them!) how quickly the glycerin inside the bowl freezes for a super smooth smoke. The glycerin inside freezes super quickly and easily, making it perfect for in-store demonstrations. Who wouldn’t love seeing a quick little magic trick that involves the consumption of our favorite herbs? Take them outside this winter, stick the bowl in the snow, and a couple minutes later, you’ll have a frozen pipe to show off.

 The new blue and pink Ooze Cryo Glycerin Glass bowls are hanging in their full packaging by a hook on a black slat wood wall.

These innovative bowls also come individually packaged in clear plastic so the beauty of the piece itself can shine. Each package is also decorated with the corresponding color of the bowl and has a hangtag, making them the perfect product to experiment with colorful wall displays. Plus, the icy background of the package is perfect for winter! Entice shoppers with a rainbow of these gorgeous and unique glycerin glass bowls: orange, yellow, green, and now blue and pink.  

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