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Products Every Smoke Shop Should Sell

Products Every Smoke Shop Should Sell

Layne Alfred |

The cannabis industry is always changing at lightning speed, so it’s important to stay up on the trends to know what’s selling. Even more important than that is making sure your smoke shop is always stocked up on today’s best smoking essentials. As wholesale distributors, it’s our responsibility to make sure we have what you need. We created this guide so you can see if you have the absolute must-haves available, and how you can up your game to be the true one-stop-shop.

1. Vape Batteries

Two Ooze Vape Pen Battery Displays are shown with the title Vape Batteries

Pen-style vape batteries continue to soar above the rest in terms of popularity across demographics. Vaping pre-filled oil cartridges is a breeze and takes just one step: screw the cartridge onto the battery! It’s also a cleaner way to smoke since it’s flameless, and is more discreet since there’s no smell to the vapor. Lots of people will walk through your door for years to come looking for a simple, pen-style vape battery, so make sure you have a variety stocked.


Go for a range of colors as well for an eye-catching display. We love the Twist Slim batteries because they’re affordable but super reliable with a super long life (and a lifetime warranty). You can purchase 24ct and 48ct displays already in place for a brilliant rainbow on your shelves!

2. Rolling Papers & Cones

3 displays of pre-rolled cones are shown: a King Palm Suga Punch display, RAW bulk cones, and RAW pre-rolled cones display.

Rolling papers will never go out of style, so smoke shops should have a lot of different options. Every joint-roller has their tried-and-true brand, and they’ll stick with it for years. This is why it’s so important to offer as many brands as possible. You know your customers best, so make sure to have their favorite available.


Two brands we’ve seen that sell out time and time again are King Palm and RAW. As these brands come out with new collabs and innovations, like the King Palm x Sean O’Malley flavored mini rolls, introduce them to customers! They’re bound to be excited about a new drop from their fave.


Always keep the RAW classic cones and rolling papers stocked. These are great for beginners and seasoned smokers alike, and the packaging has a lot of familiarity.

3. Grinders

3 Green Monkey Baboon Crown grinders, a Santa Cruz Shredder x Cookies grinder display, and a plastic Icon Smoke grinder are shown.

For anyone who smokes flower, grinders are an absolute necessity. This is one of those products where customers are more likely to switch it up, so make sure you’re offering the latest and greatest. Here are a few of our best sellers this year that are sure to entice your customers. 

Green Monkey Baboon Crown Grinder

The Baboon Crown is a heavy titanium grinder with a strong magnetic lid and razor sharp teeth. It’s the best option for those grinding really fresh cannabis or larger amounts at a time.

Santa Cruz Shredder X Cookies Grinder

This is a lighter grinder option made from sustainable hemp bioplastic. Although it doesn’t feel like it’d pack a punch, it grinds flower with ease to a fluffy blend.

4. Stash Containers

The title says Stash Containers and it shows an Ooze Prizm display with 4 loose jars, a RAW fanny pack crossbody bag, and blue Boulder 5000 Series storage box are shown.

Stash jars and containers are often replaced, so have different levels of durability and uses available. Sometimes customers are looking for something that will keep their weed fresh for longer, or a container that they can take a dab right out of. Or, they might be looking for something super simple that they can store extra nugs in. Keep a variety of sizes and price points for this category.

Boulder Case 5000 Series

A bit of a niche option, but one we’ve seen do very well, is the Boulder Case 5000 Series waterproof storage container. This is a seriously heavy-duty, super durable box that even has sturdy foam inserts with slits so any glass pieces stored inside stay secure.   

5. Bongs & Dab Rigs

The title says Bongs & Dab Rigs and shows an Ooze Toxic Barrel quartz mini rig, a GRAV bong, a Dopezilla Orgre dab rig, and a Stache Rio dab rig.

New innovations in this category are always coming out, so having the hottest new bongs and dab rigs available will give you an edge. At the same time, some want to stick with the basics, so have those on the shelf as well. Here are a few of our favorite dab rigs that quickly find a home.

Ooze Quartz Mini Rig

This mini rig is a great option for beginners or those looking for something travel-friendly. It’s designed for less air to enter the piece, making low temperature dabs super smooth.

Dopezilla Dab Rig

The Dopezilla Ogre dab rig is a great heavy-duty option to have in the store. It’s 10 inches high, made of super strong borosilicate glass, and has an ergonomic bent neck design.

Stache Rio Dab Rig

For those looking for a convenience and portability, you’ve got to have the Stache Rio dab rig on the shelves. This is an all-in-one on-the-go rig that even works flawlessly for cold start dabs.

6. Hand Pipes

The title says Hand Pipes and shows a blue Stoner Girl ceramic mug pipe, gold Journey Pipe 2, black glass spoon pipe, and the Ooze Bowser silicone glass pipe display.

Just like bongs and dab rigs, always keep a few funky options stocked as well as some basic glass ones. It’s also important to have a range of price points available for this category. Some of your customers will go all out with a trendy pipe, and some just want one that will get the job done. May we suggest…

Bowser Pipe

An upgrade from a classic spoon pipe, the Bowser has a silicone exterior around the glass tube and bowl, making it extremely durable. The display is nostalgic and brings a pop of color to your store. 

Journey Pipe

Make sure the J2 Journey Pipe is displayed with the rest of your hand pipes so everyone knows what it is, because it definitely looks like something out of Star Wars! It has a super sleek look and unlocks with two magnets in order to pack.

Custom Glass Hand Pipe

Have a few classic spoon pipes available, like this gold fumed metallic blue and orange pipe. Since this style of hand pipe still tend to be what people visualize when they think bowl, many will go right for it when they see it on the shelf.

Stoner Girl Ceramic Mug Pipe

It’s hard to resist a pipe that’s designed specifically for wake-and-bake sessions. The Stoner Girl mug is a niche option that’s always popular. Have a good amount of these available before the holidays because they’re super popular as gifts!

7. Rolling Trays

The title says Rolling Trays and shows a Santa Cruz Shredder hemp tray display, a metal Ooze Brain Storm rolling tray, Ooze dab mat, and the RAW Backflip bamboo tray.

Eye-catching designs on rolling trays are a great upsell for those just stopping in for rolling papers, so place some fun options right next to them on the shelf. Feature a variety of materials (glass, metal, wood), designs and colors.

Santa Cruz Shredder Rolling Tray

The Santa Cruz Shredder hemp tray features a pin-up girl design and slogan, attracting all fans of this brand immediately. It even features a small spout on one of the rounded corner so the ground weed can be poured right into the paper or bowl.

Ooze Metal Rolling Tray

Anyone passing by these wacky trays has to stop and take a closer look. Ooze is always coming out with new artwork for their metal rolling trays, so change them up every now and then to keep customers excited for the next one.

RAW Backflip Rolling Tray

This bamboo rolling tray detaches and folds up with magnets so it can be thrown right in a backpack or stashed away. There are even cutouts that aid in the entire rolling process. Its uniqueness makes it a great gift, so stock up on this one before the holidays!

8. Torches & Lighters

The title says Torches & Butane and shows a Blazer Big Buddy Turbo torch, Special Blue Butane 12ct display, a Clipper lighter display, and a Bic x RAW lighter display.

If you really want to be a one-stop-shop, make sure you have a variety of torches and lighters always in stock. Having different sizes available is also key since some people will be using them for dabs and some just to light a joint.

Blazer Big Buddy Torch Lighters

The Big Buddy has a very wide flame so it’s great for dabs, as well as many other household tasks like lighting candles and grilling. With this in mind, display this one front and center at the checkout to grab the attention of customers not just coming in for smoking accessories.

Clipper Lighters

Clipper lighters have been a top seller for years now. They’re refillable, so many people have several at a time in their possession. Always have at least one display of these near the register so customers can grab one before they check out.

Well, that’s it! Having these items available in your store will make it a one-stop-shop for all of your customers’ smoking needs. We hope this guide was helpful and that your store is a massive success!

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