Want Eye-Catching Displays for the Holidays?

‘Tis the season of giving! And giving means gifts, and gifts mean more shoppers!  

The festive Christmas tree set up in the Ooze Wholesale showroom. It has pink, purple, turquoise and green ornaments, a big fancy tree topper, and is surrounded by Ooze boxes wrapped with ribbons.

Decorate your shop for the holidays to get your customers in the Christmas spirit. Trust us, a few strings of lights can go a long way, even a Christmas tree or fun displays can make your shop much more festive.

Stock your displays with stocking stuffers 

Chances are, a lot of the products in your shop can be used as stocking stuffers, which to us, are the best kind of gifts! Stocking stuffers and novelty gifts are big this month and luckily, Ooze products make great stocking stuffers.  

We recommend that you set up a designated corner of your store for gift ideas and/or stocking stuffers. This will not only make it easier for your customers to find, but also make it extra festive to draw attention. 

Pro Tip: These products have a much higher chance of selling this month because they make great gifts, or white elephant game prizes!

Now, what products should you include in your eye-catching holiday display? 

Ooze Stocking Stuffers

The Ooze Slim Twist display and King Palm displays are perfect your holiday display. 

The Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen Battery Display sits in the Ooze Wholesale showroom.

The Ooze Slim Twist Battery will light up your display like a Christmas tree! With 8 of each color included: black, chrome, gold, rainbow, red, and blue, it will definitely stand out in your store.  

Our King Palm displays are also full of the perfect stockings stuffers. They include King Palm wrap rolls, corn husk filters, smoke clips, and rolling plates. 

A female hand holds the 25 pack of King Palm Rollies pre-rolled wraps in front of the counter display.

Other Ooze displays are filled with everything from dab tools and dab kits to chargers, pipes, ashtrays, grinders, lighters and more so you can give your customers options. 

Whatever you do, make sure you fill your displays with colorful gifts for the holidays! 

Additional fun and colorful products to include in your holiday display:  

Two food mug pipes sit next to each other on a black tabletop. The donut mug is on the left and the cheeseburger mug is on the right, both have the bowl showing.
Close-up shot of the Mouthpeace Counter Display in the Ooze Wholesale showroom. The pink/white/blue, green/yellow/blue, and red/white/blue Mouthpeaces are visible.

Stocking stuffers and novelty gifts are big this month! Don’t miss out on creating the most eye-catching display for the holidays, you’ll regret it later.  

We also have a ton of unique gifts in our Novelty collection. Add anything from rolling trays, dab mats to Rick and Morty swag and more so your customers have something fun to gift to their friends! 

Make your holiday displays fun and festive. Holiday shopping is in full swing and it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity to get people in your store!