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Want Eye-Catching Displays for the Holidays?

Want Eye-Catching Displays for the Holidays?

Layne Alfred |

‘Tis the season of giving! And as a store owner, you know what that means—more shoppers. Take advantage of the influx of new faces and make your store as easy to navigate as possible. Part of this is creating a few eye-catching displays of products that really stand out and draw customers in. Along with decorating your shop for the holidays with twinkling lights and trees, get creative with product bundles and items that make great stocking stuffers.

The festive Christmas tree set up in the Cannatron showroom. It has pink, purple, turquoise and green ornaments, a big fancy tree topper, and is surrounded by Ooze boxes wrapped with ribbons.

Here are some ways to create festive displays around your store that make finding the perfect gift easy for everyone.


Ooze and King Palm Stocking Stuffers

A white girl is holding the green and red Ooze Slim Clear series 510 vape batteries in front of a shelf of Ooze products in the Cannatron showroom.

New Twist Slim Pen 2.0

The updated version of the oh-so-popular Twist Slim Pen should be on every Ooze fan’s wish list. The Twist Slim 2.0 battery is compatible with all 510 thread cartridges and even wax atomizers. It’s a perfect stocking addition, so display the rainbow of color options together to make them truly irresistible.


Ooze Slim Clear Series

This is Ooze’s most affordable vape battery, and is compatible with any size of cartridge, so this can be purchased for anyone on their list even if they don’t know what size cartridges they use. The Slim Clear series has six different transparent colors that show the inside of the device—very reminiscent of the 90s.


King Palm Flavored Hemp Papers

A white girl is holding a fanned out handfull of King Palm flavored products in front of a shelf of King Palm products in the Cannatron showroom.

Create a fun and festive display of King Palm hemp papers to remind shoppers that you can never have enough flavor options. It’s a great stocking stuffer for joint-lovers!


King Palm Flavored Mini Cones

Bundle flavors of the King Palm mini cones together so customers can have different options in one pack! Set this premade display right by the register to remind your customers to gift the latest from King Palm.


High-End Glass & Grinders

A display of the GRAV Gravitron gravity bong, Stache Rio Rig in One dab rig, and a green Santa Cruz Shredder large 4pc grinder grouped together on a Cannatron showroom shelf.

This is the time of year people are willing to spend more, whether they’re treating themselves or getting something nice for a loved one. Put some of your pricier items that usually sell slower, like glass products and grinders, prominently on display.


GRAV Gravitron Gravity Bong

This high-tech and classy-looking piece is our only all-glass gravity bong. For flower-lovers, the Gravitron is the gold standard of efficient, dense and smooth bong hits.


Stache Rio Dab Rig

The Stache Rio dab rig is an innovative and portable all-in-one dab kit. Since it includes a glass bubbler, carb cap, quartz banger and dab tool, it’s all someone just getting started on dabs needs. It’s also designed for cold-start dabs, which also makes it a great piece for beginners.


Santa Cruz Shredder Large 4pc Grinder

With a heavy magnetic lid, revolutionary tooth and threading pattern and textured grip, the Santa Cruz Shredder grinder is a must-have for every bud smoker. It provides the fluffiest grind with minimal effort. With six color options, you can make a beautiful display around a tree!


Fun Torches

A shelf in the Cannatron showroom holds three Spaceout Lightyear and Ray Gun torches in blue, purple, and green. A girl is

 holidng a green Maven Pro butane torch in front of the shelf.

Torches are accessories that are often overlooked, but always make a delightful gift.   These ones in particular are super unique and fun—almost like an adult toy! And who doesn’t want to open that on Christmas morning?


Maven Pro Butane Torch

This sleek, handheld torch can fit in your pocket but is still durable. It sets up on the table and has a single windproof jet flame.


Spaceout Lightyear Butane Torch

The Spaceout Lightyear butane torch looks like it shoots out nothing but gamma rays, making it the perfect gift for superhero fans. Its cartoon-ish design makes it almost impossible to walk by without a double take!


Spaceout Ray Gun Butane Torch

Similarly, your customers will love the Spaceout Ray Gun torch for their sci-fi-loving friends. Instead of shooting aliens, they’ll be blasting themselves off to space!


Novelty Items

Display your novelty items together near the cash register, because even if someone thinks they’re done shopping, chances are one of these will scream the name of someone on their list. They’re simply no-brainer stoner gifts! The products below are just suggestions, but all unique or novelty smoke accessories always make a fun gift for the stoner on your list. They also make the best White Elephant gifts!

Arsenal Gear AR-15 Electric Dab Straw

A white girl is holding the gold Arsenal Gear AR-15 electric dab straw device in the Cannatron showroom.

Put this on display with other novelty items and get ready for all the inquiries on what it is! Although it looks like a toy AR-15, it’s actually a very innovative electric dab straw.


The Classic PowerHitter

A close-up shot of the original blue PowerHitter accessory in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

The Classic PowerHitter is an old-school smoking accessory that will attract all demographics. Just insert a lit joint, screw the cap back on, and squeeze to direct a stream of smoke into your mouth while you inhale. Since you don’t need to put your mouth directly on the piece, it’s the most sanitary way to share a joint or blunt with friends. This should be a popular item with winter germs going around!


Holiday Bundles

Another way to create an aesthetically pleasing holiday display is to create your own product bundles! Pair products that make sense together and then discount the combination. You can bundle a bong, rolling tray, and grinder together, or a dab rig, twist hot knife, and a torch.


You can get also sneaky with this in a way that really works to your advantage. Pair a hot-selling product with an accessory or two that have been lingering on the shelf. This way, customers get a great deal and you get to move that excess inventory. You can also bundle enough products together that customers can split it up to give as gifts to multiple people, like with the Twist Slim 2.0.


Sometimes shoppers are looking for something specific, and sometimes they’re browsing, hoping the perfect gift jumps out at them. Fun and eye-catching displays around your store make that happen much more easily, and will increase your customers’ overall experiences. 



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