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Product Update: New Tips for Ooze Pronto

Product Update: New Tips for Ooze Pronto

Layne Alfred |

Ooze Pronto Replacement Tips

Everyone loves the Ooze Pronto, for a mess-free, instant dab. Wax-users everywhere cherish this electronic dab straw’s portability, discretion, and the fact that you can load it up without ever having to handle the wax.The chrome Ooze Pronto electric dab straw is being used by a white woman and is being dipped into a jar of wax with the fritted quartz tip attached.

Now, there’s a brand new reason for your customers to get excited about the Pronto. Ooze has now released a brand new option for replacement tips specifically for the Pronto! These new fritted quartz coils have a rounded tip with a frosted glass, crystal-like look.

The new replacement 2-pack of ceramic fritted quartz tips for the Ooze Pronto electric dab straw.

These affordable replacement coils upgrade the entire piece due to their optimal airflow design, resulting in more flavorful hits. That’s because the updated shape of the coil provides more surface area for the wax to melt and really spread out. When the wax is spread thinner within the coil, each and every terpene gets the same amount of heat, allowing their flavor profiles to be experienced to the fullest. The Pronto replacement coils are also great for thicker, larger clouds for the same reason.

Why should your customers know about the Pronto replacement pack?

1. They can upgrade their current electronic dab straw device

A close-up shot of a hand holding a gold Ooze Pronto electric dab straw and a new replacement 2-pack box of fritted quartz tips.

Let your customers know they can take the Pronto they already own to the next level with this replacement pack. There’s no need for them to replace their piece altogether—this will get it working like new at a fraction of the cost of a new battery.


2. Vaporizer coils are disposable accessories

A close-up of a white girl's hand with red nails holding an Ooze Pronto vapor coil and a new fritted quartz replacement tip.

Coils are not designed to last forever, so encourage customers to stock up on these replacement coils when they buy their first Pronto. This way, they can try out both styles of tips and always have a backup on hand.


3. It’s a great upsell for those looking for maximum flavor

A white girl's hand is holding an Ooze Pronto electric dab straw and a replacement 2-pack box of fritted quartz tips in front of a Pronto display in a smoke shop.

It’s always a good idea to have accessories in your store designed to enhance the overall smoking experience. These coils are your upselling opportunity for anyone buying the Pronto—or just anyone looking for a new electronic dab straw—that also wants the best tasting dab possible. Let them know about the Pronto and the new replacement coils that allow terpenes to express their full flavor profiles.


Keep your wax customers satisfied and stock up on the Pronto dab straw and new replacement tips here!


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