New Colors: Ooze Products

Expanding the color options of fast-turning products you already carry is an easy way to boost your sales! Ooze batteries are known for being bright and colorful, and a handful of new colorways and finishes have recently launched. 


An Ooze Pen in Every Color

While there will always be customers looking for classic black vape batteries, plenty welcome a pop of color. For many, their Ooze pen is something that they take with them everywhere, so the perfect color choice is an extension of their personality. Watch their faces light up when they see your huge range of color options! 

Ooze has gotten innovative not only with the shapes and designs of their new devices, but with the color options, too. They now offer the Twist Slim Pen 2.0 in every color of the rainbow, plus the first-ever patterned Ooze pens! 

Color expansions for popular battery styles make it easy to add new items that customers are already familiar with. Metallic pastels like Ice Pink and the red-to-black gradient Midnight Sun have quickly become best-sellers. Stock your shelves with even more of the products that are proven to sell! 


All the New Ooze Pen Colors from 2022

Ooze kept the new products coming all throughout 2022! Here's a breakdown of all the new colors we've added to the site. Make sure you've also added them all to become the home of Ooze for your customers!


Twist Slim Pen 2.0

A diagram showing the front and back of the Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0 in the Chroma print wrap, with a close up circle of the Chroma design.

The TSP 2.0 was the very first Ooze pen to rock the Midnight Sun red-to-black design, and we added the Polar Pearl metallic white finish. The Twist Slim Pen is our most extensive product line with a whopping 18 color options. Keep an eye out for the Chroma 2023 Theme of the Year design to launch in the New Year!



The 3 new colors of the Ooze Quad battery are lined up with color swatches to the right. Ice Pink, Arctic Blue, and Mary Jade.

The Quad has been a fan favorite since it first launched, so Ooze decided to have a little fun with some new color options. They came out with a gorgeous metallic pastel trio that customers cannot get enough of. Ice Pink, Arctic Blue, and Mary Jade are stunners wherever you display them.



The 3 new colors of the Ooze Movez speaker vape are shown with color swatches to the left. Ice Pink, Arctic Blue, and Mary Jade

Ooze saw all the success the new Quad colors were having and decided they had a place with the Movez speaker vapes as well. The trio of Ice Pink, Arctic Blue, and Mary Jade will launch in early 2023, and we expect these new arrivals to really turn up the (sales) volume!


Slim Clear Series

6 Ooze Slim Clear vape batteries are lined up in 2 rows with color swatches to the left. Ruby Red, Ultra Purple, Panther Black, Sapphire Blue, Slime Green, and Atomic Pink

The Slim Clear Series is a funky, super affordable battery line with bright-colored, transparent plastic shells. These show off a fun little insert inside designed to look more intricate than the device really is. These little guys are the most affordable Ooze devices on the market, and make a statement with their eye-catching, retro design.



The Midnight Sun and Ice Pink Ooze Tanker vape batteries are shown with color swatches to the left.

The Tanker is a dark horse amongst the Ooze batteries. It has been an incredibly steady seller and consistently sells out. After seeing the success of the Ice Pink and Midnight Sun colors, Ooze decided to add these to the Tanker line, too, and it continues paid off in droves!



The 3 new colors of the Ooze Signal extract vaporizer pen are lined up with color swatches to the left. Green Splatter, Midnight Sun, and Ice Pink

The Signal wax vaporizer pen is a little different in this lineup, since it is technically not a traditional Ooze pen. This bad boy is only for extracts and isn't compatible with 510 cartridges, but it's a powerhouse for dabs. Available in Rainbow, Ice Pink, and Midnight Sun, Ooze also debuted the brand new Green Splatter colorway with the Signal. This black with green paint splatter has been flying off the shelves and we can barely keep it in stock. Customers love the new!


Don't miss out on the opportunity to sell even more Ooze pens simply by adding some new color options. This brand is constantly releasing new products, which keeps customers returning to see the new drops.