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Upselling Opportunities: King Palm Accessories

Upselling Opportunities: King Palm Accessories

Samantha Catrambone |

King Palm is best known for crafting all-natural rolling products like their signature palm leaf wraps, pre-rolled cones, rollies, and corn husk filter tips. However, the brand has recently branched out into new sectors of the Cannabis market by creating accessories that are the perfect upsell opportunity for your store. Below, we will highlight some of the newest accessory releases along with our tips and tricks on displaying these products for maximum effect so you can wow your customers! 


New and Hot King Palm Products & Accessories

Limited Edition King Palm Beaker Bong

The King Palm glass beaker bong is standing at an angle next to the large black and gold box.

Although King Palm has always been known as a rolling leaf wrap company, they also have recently expanded by creating a line of quality glass accessories. Standing at a massive 16' tall (a nod to the company being founded in 2016), the King Palm Beaker Bong is sure to surprise and excite your flower-loving customers.

This beast of a bong is super strong, sturdy, and powerful. Designed with a classic King Palm logo down the neck and a gold logo you can see in the water, this bong is just as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Plus, it comes in a custom, satin-lined box that keeps it safe while still looking great on display on your shelves!


King Palm Gold Ashtray 12ct Display

A single King Palm gold ashtray with a King Palm roll resting in the divet is next to the 12ct display of ashtrays.

Your customers may not come into your store looking for an ashtray, but they can easily be enticed into leaving with one! At some point, every ashtray must be retired and replaced with a new shiny one with fewer burn marks. An ashtray may seem like an afterthought,  but a nice high-quality ashtray can improve the overall experience. We recommend displaying these ashtrays by the checkout counter next to the rolling paper section for maximum profitability!


King Palm Mini Funnel Roll Packer 12ct Display

The 12ct King Palm mini funnel roll packer display is next to a single mini funnel that is display next to its box.

Packing papers can be tricky at times, even for the most experienced roller. For a novice, it's great to have good packing tool options available to make the rolling process more enjoyable. The King Palm Mini Funnel Roll Packer is the perfect upselling opportunity for anyone looking to take away the mess out of packing a pre-rolled cone. 

Your customers will no longer need a rolling tray with this tool because the funnel is wide enough that your costumes can just dump ground flower into the top. We recommend suggesting these to any customers buying the King Palm Mini Rolls, as this tool was designed specifically for them.


King Palm Glass Filter Tips 48ct Display

The 48ct assorted King Palm Glass filter tip display is shown with the dispenser open and a gold, clear, and black glass tip displayed in a row next to the box.

Adding a glass filter tip to a blunt or joint is an easy way that your customers can elevate their overall smoking experience. These King Palm Glass Tips are high-quality and reusable, unlike their paper counterparts. They also feature a small poke mark right before the flat mouthpiece that acts as a filter to catch debris. Each tip also comes in a small plastic tube and features a classic King Palm logo. These luxurious tips are an easy upsell opportunity for your blunt and joint-loving customers!


King Palm Doob Tubes 24ct Display

The 24ct metal doob tube display from King Palm is shown next to 1 of each of the 4 colors: gold, black, chrome, and green.

Here at Cannatron, we protect our doobies at all costs. Plastic doob tubes might work for the short term, but they are not as durable and heavy-duty as the King Palm Metal Doob Tubes. These are the perfect storage accessory with a sleek metallic finish. We highly recommend suggesting these to customers who regularly roll up, as this makes an easy add-on accessory to increase cart size.


King Palm is a cannabis company built on innovation, so it's no surprise that its smoking accessories are just as inspired as its signature products. We highly recommend building a beautiful King Palm display in your store to showcase their eye-catching black and gold products. Your customers are sure to add a few extra items to their cart once they see how luxurious King Palm accessories can be!



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