Upselling Opportunities: King Palm Accessories

This edition of Upselling Opportunities with Cannatron highlights a well-known and well-rounded brands that has something for all your shoppers: King Palm! These displays of rolling papers, grinders, ashtrays and more are perfect to keep up front by the register. Even the individual boxes featuring cool art and yummy flavors are sure to grab the attention of anyone checking out.


King Palm Pre-Rolled Cones

 Three King Palm cone displays are lined up: a Mango OG display above the word Flavors, an unflavored display above the word Originals, and a 25-pack display above the words Bulk Packs.

King Palm is best known for their wraps and filter tips. These rolls are unique in that they are all 100% natural and tobacco-free, appealing to a large demographic. They also feature a wide variety of unique flavors like their latest releases Mango OG and Gelato Cream (yum!). Plus, they’re always releasing new ones, which will have customers hooked and returning to check for new flavors.


King Palm papers also come in a variety of sizes and quantities, allowing your customers to choose what best fits their needs and budget. Recommend the King Palm original cones (ranging in sizes Rollie to XL) to customers looking for a smooth, natural smoke with paper that never fails. If they’re a solo smoker, they can opt for the minis, and if they’re looking to share they can go up in size.


For your King Palm-obsessed customer or those who just like to buy in bulk, suggest the bulk 25-packs. The packages on these babies are resealable with built-in humidity control, keeping them fresher for a long time. 


Other King Palm Accessories

 The King Palm black and gold digital scale is shown with the cover open and facing front. The scale is shown above the words "Digital Scales". Next to it is a black 4-piece grinder next to its box. It is above the words "4-Piece Grinders".

I bet you didn’t even know King Palm had more than just papers! They offer a range of smoking must-haves that can be incorporated into every step of the rolling-up process, including:


Two displays of King Palm roach clips, both the plain black and the crystal wire wrapped options are shown. On the bottom is a black, round ashtray that is also shown next to its box.
    • Digital scales
    • Grinders
    • Roach clips (in standard and crystal)
    • Ashtrays
    • Torch lighters
    • Rolling trays


Feature these other accessories in your king Palm display to catch the attention of even those customers who might not roll joints, but need a grinder or lighter!

 A POP display of King Palm torch spark wheel lighters is shown next to their white, light-up rolling tray that has a black King Palm logo in the center and a remote control resting on it.

King Palm also offers tons of different display options, you get to pick what you think will draw in your customers. You know them best! So if you have the space, dedicate an area to King Palm and use the accessories to set up an inviting display. Open a few packs of rolls and put them on rolling trays, in the blunt clips or resting on an ashtray. Show your customers how their experience could be if they grabbed some King Palm accessories to take home with them!