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Smoke Shop Money Makers: Replacement Parts

Smoke Shop Money Makers: Replacement Parts

Samantha Catrambone |

Replacement parts are a crucial category to consider when buying inventory for your smoke shop. They are an essential part of product maintenance that should not be overlooked. Things like bowls, bangers, coils, dab tools, and downstems are always going to be reliable sellers, bringing in repeat and new customers alike. In this article, we will dive into why replacement parts are important in your store, what replacements we recommend, and how to promote them to maximize sales!

Having Replacement Parts in Your Store Is Important

Replacement parts are important because they help increase customer retention and satisfaction. Offering a wide variety of replacements is an easy way to get first-time customers to keep coming back. Even if the piece they purchased originally is high-quality and durable, life will happen to it. Especially if it’s being used all the time, some parts will get excessively dirty and tough to clean, broken, or just misplaced, never to be found again.

Luckily for your customers, they can quickly and affordably replace small parts for their bong or rig without having to buy a new piece altogether. As a shop owner, it's crucial to have all the replacement parts for that bong, pipe, or dab rig stocked at all times. This way, they can leave satisfied every time they visit your business.

Replacement Atomizers Make Great Add-On Items

When it comes to your vape customers, they will always need replacement atomizers since they are disposable and will not last forever. If they use their vape regularly, they will become repeat customers if they know your store has the replacement coil they need for their piece.

If you carry vaporizers, you already know that atomizers and coils will be the most common replacement parts you stock. Often available in multi-packs, the atomizer is the heating component in the device that extracts are loaded into. These can get gunked up with sticky residue pretty quickly, and even if they're being cleaned after every session, they still need to be replaced regularly. We recommend making sure to have replacement packs of atomizers in stock for the newest products, like the new Ooze C-Core Collection.

C-Core Atomizer Replacement Packs

The new Ooze line of C-Core, or clean ceramic, devices includes a replacement pack of atomizers for every device. While they aren't interchangeable, they are specifically marked per product with hang tag packaging that allows you to display them right beside the devices.

Ooze C-Core Atomizer Replacement 5-Packs

Ooze Booster Replacement 5-Packs

The Ooze Booster Extract Vaporizer is a fan favorite for concentrates and includes three atomizers with each initial purchase. After your customers use all three, they’ll need to come into your store to get replacements. The best deal they can purchase is the Ooze Booster Onyx Atomizer Replacement 5-Pack. This pack will last them the longest; we recommend it to customers who like to shop in bulk!

Ooze C-Core Atomizer Replacement 2-Packs

Ooze Booster Replacement 2-Pack

A midnight sun Ooze Booster extract vape is shown next to its two replacement Onyx Atomizers and their packaging.

For customers who don’t want to buy in bulk, Ooze also offers replacement packs of two. The Ooze Booster Atomizer Replacement 2-Packs come in a bold rainbow package. If your customers show you a single atomizer, not in a box, you can tell that it is a Booster piece if the rim of the bucket is smooth, with no grooves!

Ooze Electro Barrel Replacement 2-Pack

A ruby red Ooze Electro Barrel e-rig is below it's replacement pack of 2 Onyx Atomizers and their blue packaging.

Ooze also makes Electro Barrel Atomizer replacement packs of two in a blue package. If your customer comes into your store and shows you an atomizer with a bumpy rim, you can be sure it's for the Electro Barrel because it was designed to be easier to screw into the device!

Ooze C-Core Atomizer Replacement Single Pack

 Ooze Beacon Onyx Atomizer and Mouthpiece Replacement

The Ooze Beacon Extract Vaporizer is another best seller, so you’ll need to keep replacements on hand. This single replacement pack for the Beacon includes an Onyx Atomizer and a mouthpiece for a full refresh on their device. It comes in four color ways so, your customers can match their original device!

Ooze Verge Replacement Heating Pod

A midnight sun Ooze Verge dry herb vape is below a replacement heating pod and its packaging

The Verge is also part of the C-Core collection, but since it is for dry herbs, it has a Nano-Glazed atomizer instead of the Onyx Atomizer. This is a black magnetic pod that has a ceramic chamber in the center. This pod can pop in and out easily, making it way easier to keep clean than any other dry herb vape on the market! Ooze offers these replacement pods to refresh the device over time, which is a rare feature in a dry herb vaporizer.

Other Replacements To Stock In Your Store

All atomizers have to be replaced regularly, so that's a good place to stop when it comes to stocking your store on replacement parts. However, your customers will also come in looking for other replacements, especially small delicate pieces like bong bowls, bangers, and down stems. Every stoner has accidentally broken at least one in their lifetime, so it's important to ensure you have easily accessible options for every customer after an unhappy accident during their sesh.

Luckily, most popular cannabis accessory brands sell replacements for bongs and dab rigs, so consumers don’t have to repurchase their whole kit just because they dropped a banger. We recommend displaying bong bowl, banger, and down stem replacements in your store's bong/rig section. This is the first section your customers will go looking for anyways!

Bong Bowl Replacements

Bong bowls are usually made out of glass or quartz, which are not the strongest materials. Since they are always either being loaded or taken in and out of the bong, it's no surprise they break occasionally. When looking for a replacement, your customers will have to measure their bong's joint size. Since a bong's most common bowl size is fourteen millimeters, we recommend stocking your store with the Ooze Quartz Glass 14mm Bowl 12ct Display because it's a great standard option!

We also recommend the Ooze Armor Silicone Bowl 14mm 12ct Display for your clumsy customers that don’t know their bongs' joint size. This bowl is designed to fit all bongs and rigs properly; the stem is 14mm at the bottom and expands to 16mm to fit snugly in the downstem of any piece!

Banger Replacements

Bangers are usually made of materials that can withstand extremely high temperatures, like quartz and titanium. This being said, they still don’t last forever and will need to be replaced at one point or another. Since they can easily be broken, damaged, or lost, we recommend stocking the Ooze Quartz Thermal Banger 12ct Display. The Ooze Thermal Banger is made of quartz, sits at a 90 angle, and has an inner cup to drop concentrates in, providing a more even heating experience than the standard banger!

Downstem Replacements

Most bongs and dab rigs come with a downstem that connects the bowl or banger to the water chamber for filtration. It is a delicate part of your customer’s sesh, so they might need to grab a replacement occasionally. 

How To Promote Replacement Parts In Your Store

First, you need your customers to know you have the replacement parts for their pieces. When you sell a product to a customer with multiple parts, let them know you have all the replacement parts. They’ll feel even more secure in their purchase, knowing there’s an easy backup option if they ever encounter an issue.

Replacing a part is much cheaper than replacing the entire piece. It lets everyone in your store know you have their best interests in mind and organically creates customer loyalty. If you understand your customer's needs and aren’t just trying to sell them the most expensive product on the shelf, you will stand out above and beyond your competitors!

Plus, the more intricate a piece is, the more likely something will go wrong. Knowing that replacement parts are available can be a deciding factor in a customer purchasing a pricier item.

From there, there are many effective ways to promote your replacement parts. We recommend creating a replacement section of your store and calling it the “Repair Shop.” This is a great way to organize flower bowl slides, down stems, bangers, tools, atomizers, and other replacements available to browse. You can also stock extra parts right beside their respective bong or dab rig. It's always good to try different ways of promoting replacements and see what works best for your store!

The most important thing to remember when having replacement parts in your store is that customers need to be educated on all their options, especially when buying a brand-new piece. You can have every material, shape, and type of part available, but if your customer doesn’t know you have it, they might go elsewhere. It’s a small detail that goes a long way in building trust with your customers!

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