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The Latest Vape Trends for Music Festivals

The Latest Vape Trends for Music Festivals

Layne Alfred |

Vapes are a festival essential for a lot of music festival and concert-goers. Both cannabis and nicotine vaping devices are a discreet and portable way to get buzz going, totally smell-free.

With tons of festivals and big shows around the country happening through the end of the year, stocking up on disposables, vape batteries, and other festival must-haves will help you surpass your sales goals for the end of 2023. Here are our music festival and concert essentials for your store!

510 Vape Batteries

A 48ct display of Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0 vape batteries is at a gas station checkout counter surrounded by other vapes and lighters

Have a variety of 510 thread vape batteries available. Everyone has their preferences, but make sure you especially have smaller, handheld devices on the shelves for festival-goers. These will be compatible with all 510 thread oil cartridges and wax atomizers, so customers will likely already have their material of choice picked out.

It’s also a good idea to choose vape batteries with a long-lasting charge so it will stay powered all night (or even for a couple of days), and with multiple temperature settings so it can be turned down for more discretion.

Disposable Nicotine Vapes

A Juul POP display is sitting on a glass counter in front of a wall display of other disposable nicotine vapes.

These are a no-brainer to have stocked in your store for anyone packing for a concert or festival. Cigarettes and other tobacco products tend to be a lot more noticeable and even offensive in large crowds, and definitely in indoor venues, so disposable vapes are definitely the way to go. Have as many flavors as possible available—everyone has their favorite!

Disposable THC or HHC Vapes

A girl's hand is holding a purple, green, and light blue OozeX HHC disposable vape in the packaging.

Make sure you have a few disposable vape options for THC as well as nicotine. These tend to be even more discreet than oil cartridges in a 510 vape battery because they basically just look like nicotine vapes. There are plenty of disposable vapes with distillate oil inside that don't need to be sold through a dispensary, you can put it right out on the counter!

Look into stocking HHC disposable vapes, like the OozeX HHC 2g disposables. HHC is another cannabinoid made from hemp-derived CBD, but has very similar effects to delta-9 THC. Reach out to your Cannatron Account Manager if you’re interested in OozeX HHC.


A wide-angle shot of a gas station checkout counter featuring a case of liquor shooters, lighter displays, and a 48ct Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0 display

Of course, for non-vaping customers, lighters are always a sure seller. Keep them by the cash register so they don’t forget this essential they’ll need extras of for the weekend.

Chapstick and Chewing Gum

Two full rows of packs of chewing gum are hanging in a gas station

Gum and lip balms are also great items to have up by the cash register. You never want your customers suffering from cotton mouth when their favorite band is on!

A gas station or convenience store is a definite planned stop for many on their journey to events like these, so make sure your store is stocked up on these essentials. If you’ve got these, you’ll have covered what they’re looking for, what they may have forgot, and what they may not have even realized they needed to grab!


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