Top Brands of Rolling Paper: Wholesale Rolling Paper Guide

Today, rolling papers are a work of art. With tons of different designs, bold flavors, and unique materials, the industry is booming with innovation. However, that hasn't always been the case. It's taken many years of trial and error to craft the fantastic modern rolling paper options on the market now. 


A close-up of a white woman's hand holding a pack of RAW, Blazy Susan, Elements, and OCB rolling papers fanned out.

With all the different rolling paper options, it can be difficult for customers and smoke shop owners to find the best brands of rolling paper. Luckily, this handy rolling paper guide will provide helpful insight into top rolling paper brands in the industry, explain the specific benefits of rolling papers based on their unique specifications, and answer the top questions stoners have before purchasing. This way, dispensary, convenience store, and smoke shop owners can provide a high-quality buying experience for every cannabis customer!


History of the Rolling Paper

Back in the 1500s, poor European workers and merchants had the brilliant idea to roll up discarded tobacco in old newspapers. Although this paper contained harsh chemicals that shouldn't be inhaled, papermakers caught on to the trend and decided to create paper specifically made to smoke. After years of diligent and thoughtful experimentation, a man named Pierre Lacroix created the first rolling paper available for purchase. Since then, the demand for rolling papers has exploded with thousands of manufacturers worldwide creating different types of rolling papers.


What are the Different Types of Rolling Papers?

There are tons of different types of rolling papers to choose from, so selecting inventory for your store can be a challenge. Thankfully, this guide will cover the most common types of rolling paper sizes and materials available so you can better understand the products you are ordering!


Hemp Rolling Papers

Hemp is an excellent material for rolling papers because it has a sweet and slightly musky flavor that won't disrupt the natural cannabis taste. Plus, hemp rolling papers are sustainable and the most eco-friendly choice. As a result, this has become one of the most popular rolling paper materials in the cannabis community.


Wood Pulp Papers

Wood pulp was one of the first materials used to make rolling papers because it's strong and sturdy. However, wood pulp rolling papers burn quickly and have a strong, slightly unpleasant taste. Many top brands have strayed away from wood pulp for these reasons.


Rice Rolling Papers

Rice is one of the most common materials to use after top rolling paper manufacturers switched from wood pulp to rice fiber. Rice rolling papers are a great option because rice is slow-burning and essentially tasteless. However, rice papers can be thin and hard to roll, so we don't recommend them for beginners.


Unbleached Rolling Papers

Bleached rolling papers contain a chlorine-based agent that whitens the material to make the papers more white. Unbleached rolling papers do not contain this treatment which is why they are usually a darker shade like tan or brown. They are a better option for those who like to panic when things are not organic.


Rolling Papers by Size

A close-up of RAW rolling papers in every size fanned out in a hand that is in front of a whole wall full of RAW products.

Now that we have discussed the different materials used to make rolling papers, we can move on to discussing sizes. There are five main sizes that rolling papers come in. Each one has a unique benefit that you can mention to your customers!


Single Wide Rolling Papers

Single wide is the standard size for rolling papers. Single Wide Rolling Papers are around 2.75 x 1.4 inches, the smallest size that rolling papers come in. These are good to offer customers that like to smoke alone because they aren't big enough for a group. 


1 ¼ Rolling Papers

Invented in Spain, 1 1/4 rolling papers dominated the early European rolling paper market. In addition, 1 ¼ Rolling Papers hold approximately 25% more bud than Single Wides, making them an excellent option for a smoke session with a group of two. They are arguably the most popular among the stoner community.


1 ½ Rolling Papers

As the name suggests, the 1 1/2 Rolling Paper is a bit bigger than the 1 ¼ Rolling Paper. They hold around 50% more flower than Single Wides but tend to be less popular than the two previously discussed sizes. However, they are a fabulous option for customers that want to roll a joint that will last.


Double Wide Rolling Papers

The Double Wide Rolling Paper is double the width of the single wide. It's not as popular because it takes more skill to roll. However, it can hold double the amount of the weed as a single wide, making it an excellent option for anyone who wants to roll up a fattie.


King Size Rolling Papers

King Size Rolling Papers are a fan favorite. Just like the candy bar and the bed, King Size Rolling papers are fit for a King. They are long in length and width, making them the perfect size to bring to a celebration or a 420 party.


Frequently Asked Questions about Rolling Papers

Your first-time rolling customers are probably going to come into your smoke shop with a ton of questions. Luckily, they will probably be asking pretty similar questions. So, below, we will give you the perfect answer so they can walk out of your store with the best rolling papers for their personal preferences!


How to Roll a Joint with Rolling Papers?

Like anything, learning how to roll a joint takes patience and practice. However, some customers might ask for a quick tutorial or any tips you may have. Luckily, there is a How to Roll a Perfect Joint Youtube video with over 12 million views from rapper Wiz Khalifa that will help anyone master their capabilities. Here is a quick rundown of how to roll a joint following the video:


  1. Start by taking a king-size paper, finding the side with the glue strip, and folding it in half with the glue inside. This is called a "boat".
  2. Next, grab the front of the boat and start twisting it to form a nice long canoe-shaped area to add in your weed.
  3. Now that the paper is ready, start grinding up the bud with a grinder or by hand.
  4. After the weed is nicely ground, add it to the boat until it's almost full.
  5. Next, pack it down by taking your thumbs and index fingers together. Slowly roll up your thumbs while pushing your index fingers down. This will start to roll the weed into a cylindrical shape.
  6. Now, tuck the bottom paper (the side without the glue strip) in by pressing your thumbs while slowly flipping the top of the paper.
  7. To fasten the joint, lick the glue strip and press it into the other side of the paper until the joint is almost completely rolled up.
  8. Then, push a filter into the side across from the twist and fasten the end of the joint with the glue.
  9. Lastly, give the joint's tip a final twist and spark up!


What's the Healthiest Rolling Paper?

For health-conscious smokers, smoking natural, and unbleached papers are the way to go. Anything organic is also better because pesticides can be dangerous if they get into your lungs. Organic hemp rolling papers are a great option because they won't add anything foreign to the smoking experience. We also recommend ultra-thin rolling papers because they will add the least amount of extra materials to the sesh.


What is the Best-Tasting Rolling Paper?


When it comes to taste, every smoker has a different preference. Some enjoy the mild musky flavor of hemp, and some enjoy terpene-infused flavors to compliment their strain. For customers that enjoy flavored rolling papers, we recommend stocking the new flavored King Palm Hemp Rolling Papers. They are infused with naturally-derived terpenes, which will satisfy any customer looking for flavorful papers!


What Rolling Papers are Easiest to Roll?

Beginners might come into your store asking what rolling papers are the easiest to roll. Luckily, any paper can be easy to roll with the right tools and practice. However, the easiest to roll with is hemp which makes sense considering it's practically just putting a layer of weed on the outside of more weed. In addition, hemp is sturdy and durable, which makes it a great option for beginners.


If customers have never rolled and are not dying to learn, we recommend suggesting Rolling Paper Cones instead. They are easy to pack, burn slowly, and come in tons of sizes, flavors, or materials.


What to Look for in Rolling Papers?

If a customer doesn't know what to look for in rolling papers, there are a couple of specific things you can ask. First, determine their size preference. If they have never rolled before, we recommend offering a 1 1/4 rolling paper because they are easy to learn with. Next, explaining the pros and cons of each material can be a great way to figure out what sounds the best for their specific preferences. Finally, if all else fails, have them pick out a variety to figure out their favorite at home.


Best Brands of Rolling Papers



A bulk box of 1,000 RAW cones is held in front of the RAW display wall in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

RAW is one of the world's most popular rolling paper brands, so it is essential to have these in stock at your store. They create rolling papers and cones without GMOs, bleach, burning additives, chalks, or dyes. RAW rolling papers are made with organic Acacia gum, a sustainably harvested tree resin. Plus, RAW papers come in many different sizes and materials with vivid display options your customers will love. If you are unsure where to start, we recommend carrying the RAW Classic 1 1/4 24ct Display, the RAW Classic Cone 1 ¼ 32ct Display, and the RAW Organic Hemp 1 1/14 24ct Display. This will ensure you are stocked up on best-sellers!



An orignal orange leaves pack of Zig Zag rolling papers is held in front of other Zig Zag paper displays.

Zig-Zag is the most iconic rolling paper brand with Captain Jack or the Zig-Zag man being recognized by stoners worldwide. For over 140 years, Zig-Zag has created innovative rolling products that have evolved with the times. They offer a wide selection of products like premium organic rolling papers, Zig Zag cones, and hemp wraps. We recommend carrying their original Zig-Zag Papers Orange Leaves 24ct Display, the Zig-Zag Ultra Things 24ct Display, and the Zig-Zag Organic Hemp Rolling Paper Display. These products are super popular and your customers will be coming in asking for them by name!



Rozy is an up-and-coming brand of beautiful pink rolling papers and cones! Rozy products add a vibrant pop of color to your shelves that really stands out in the sea of tan, blue, and orange boxes of other paper brands. 

The packaging is sure to catch the eye of those who prefer a more soft and feminine aesthetic. Pre-rolled cones are great for casual smokers who prefer not to roll their joints. Try out a mix of Rozy 6pk Displays, 24ct Bouquet Boxes, and personal bulk 50ct tubs!



Three packs of OCB rolling papers are held in a fan shape in front of a shelf full of other OCB rolling paper products in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

For over 100 years, OCB has been producing natural rolling papers and smoking accessories. They are dedicated to creating products that allow their customers to smoke the natural way. We recommend carrying their unbleached OCB Virgin Cones 1 1/4 32ct Display and the OCB Organic Hemp Rolling Paper 1 1/4 24ct Display. Both of these options will be well received by customers that like to smoke organically.


Juicy Jay's

4 shelves are packed with all the different flavors of Juicy Jays rolling papers in the Canatron wholesale showroom.

For your customers that enjoy flavored rolling papers, Juicy Jay's are a great option to offer them. Other rolling papers are flavored just at the gum strip, but Juicy Jay creates fully flavored rolling papers that bring out marijuana's natural terpenes. Juicy Jay flavors are crafted using a triple-dipped flavoring system to spark and satisfy every taste bud. We recommend carrying their 1 ¼ Rolling Papers Displays in some of their popular flavors like Blueberry, Absinthe, and Mello Mango.



Two packs of Elements rolling papers are held up, one of the packs is open to show the paper inside.

Element Rolling Papers are unique because they are made with pure rice paper. They don't use chlorine or any other harmful chemicals and with an ultra-thin shape that customers love. We recommend carrying their Ultra Thin 1 ¼ Rolling Papers 24 ct Display and the 1 ¼ Ultra Thin Cone 30 ct Display.


King Palm

King Palm hemp rolling papers are held up above their displays in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

Although King Palm is known for their slow-burning palm leaf wraps, the company also just created hemp rolling papers that your customers will be dying to try. King Palm's 100% hemp rolling papers are infused with natural terpenes to enhance the flavor of every smoke session. In addition, we suggest stocking up on the new Hemp Rolling Paper Display with Tips and their Flavored Hemp Rolling Paper 50ct Display, so your customers have a wide variety of options!



A black booklet of Vibes rolling papers and tips is opened in front of a shelf full of other Vibes rolling papers products in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

Established by rapper and serial entrepreneur Berner, Vibes strives to create the best smoking experience possible. They make tons of high-quality rolling products your customers will want to see on your shelves. We recommend getting at least one of each color Vibes Cone Displays.


Where to Buy Wholesale Rolling Papers

A wide angle shot of the rolling paper and King Palm section in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

Before buying wholesale rolling papers from any online wholesale smoke shop distributor, we recommend comparing prices from different wholesalers so you can get the best water pipes while maximizing your profit margin. Shopping around will help you identify which online wholesalers have the best pricing on popular rolling paper brands.

We recommend finding a wholesale smoking accessories distributor like Cannatron with exclusive pricing on popular brands like King Palm. Cannatron even has different pricing tiers, so you can maximize your profits while giving your customers the best rolling paper selection available!


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