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How to Maintain Your Stockroom

How to Maintain Your Stockroom

Samantha Catrambone |

Any smoke shop or dispensary owner knows it takes strategic inventory purchasing to have a successful business. Once you and your staff have found the best products to stock in your store, it is just as important to know how to maintain your stockroom so you can preserve the quality of those products.

Storing stock in appropriate conditions will extend shelf life, ensure customer satisfaction, and minimize potential product issues. If you are unsure how to get started, read this article for tips on maintaining your stockroom and frequently asked questions related to stockroom maintenance!


Tips For Maintaining Proper Storage Conditions In Your Stockroom


A worker pulls a cart full of boxes through the Cannatron warehouse


1. Get Rid Of Clutter

Keeping a disorganized stockroom full of clutter isn't good for you, your team, your customers, or your products. If your stockroom could use a deep clean session, we recommend starting this process by getting a crew together to eliminate clutter, figure out what's trash, and set up a system for seamless organization going forward. Holding a stockroom organization day annually is a great way to keep everyone on your team on the same page even after things get busy in-store!


2. Set Up A System

Next, setting up a system for organizing your stockroom is essential. It's crucial to consider several factors when setting up your system, such as accessibility, visual management, space utilization, and standardization. Once your system is set up, we recommend keeping a detailed list of where everything goes, how employees should organize new inventory in the future, and other vital elements so that your veteran and new team members can follow the system effortlessly.

A worker is checking over a pick list before wrapping up an order in the Cannatron warehouse


3. Keep Storage Climate Temperate

After decluttering your stockroom and setting up a stock organization system, it is time to start thinking about keeping the climate in your stockroom temperate. Products like cannabis need to be kept at a suitable temperature, so it's crucial to ensure that you are not degrading your inventory by keeping it in an extremely humid or dry environment.


4. Consider Investing in Climate-Controlled Storage

If you notice your stockroom constantly fluctuating in temperature and humidity or experiencing other environmental changes, consider investing in climate-controlled storage. A climate-controlled stockroom means heated storage, air conditioning, and humidity control to ensure your inventory never gets too hot, cold, dry or wet. Although the initial price of installation might be costly, this will save you money in the long run by making sure your products get to your customers in pristine condition.

A worker is packing an order of white boxes to be shipped from the Cannatron warehouse

5. Utilize Airtight Containers and Packaging

Keeping products in airtight containers and packaging will protect against the entry of foreign substances that can contaminate organic materials like cannabis. In addition to airtight containers, we recommend storing products out of direct sunlight with a humidity control solution like Boveda. When added to airtight storage containers, this humidity control technology will keep your products fresh and ready for the sales floor.


6. Stock Up On Boveda Packs

Boveda Humidity Control Packs use a mix of salt, purified water, and patented packaging to keep containers at a precise relative humidity (RH) level by adding and absorbing moisture. Their products are great to stock up on since items like blunt wraps, flower, rolling papers, and other natural materials must be stored in an airtight, humidity-controlled container before making their way to the floor.

FAQ's About Boveda Humidity Control

Two displays of Boveda humidity control packs are paired together with a single small Boveda pack in front

How Long Do Boveda Humidity Packs Last?

The longevity of your Boveda Humidity Packs will vary depending on a few factors, like the container they are in and environmental conditions. That said, Boveda has a two-year shelf life if it stays in its original packaging. If taken out of the original packaging, you can expect your Boveda packs to last up to 6 months if stored in an airtight container in a temperature-controlled environment.

How Do You Activate Boveda Humidity Packs?

To activate a Boveda Humidity Pack, start by opening the plastic wrapper outside the pack and removing the Boveda. It's important to make sure that the actual Boveda pack doesn't tear during this step. This step can also be omitted if you have a resealable bag of Bovedas because they will not come individually plastic-wrapped. After this step, the Boveda will start working, using water to maintain a constant relative humidity.

Can I Use Boveda Packs Instead of a Humidifier?

With Boveda Packs, you will not need a secondary humidification system. So, yes, you can use Boveda Packs instead of a humidifier to keep cannabis, cigars, food, and other products in peak condition.

How Do I Recharge My Boveda Pack?

Unfortunately, the Boveda brand does not recommend recharging packs that have become depleted because they will not offer the same optimal protection as their fresh counterparts. If you want to protect your products from mold or extreme humidity fluctuations, using a recharged Boveda will work less effectively. However, if you still want to recharge your pack, you can soak it in filtered water for approximately 1-3 days or until it is soft again. Although not a recommended practice by the brand, many cannabis and cigar enthusiasts on the internet have tried and had promising results recharging their Boveda packs using this method.

Where Should I Place My Boveda Packs?

Where to put your Boveda Packs depends on whether you want to protect cannabis, hemp, cigars, wood instruments, food, or other products. According to the brand's official website, it is safe to put directly on cigars, cannabis, hemp, and food. Here is what they recommend:

  • Cigars: Put your Boveda Pack anywhere in the humidor; so on top, next to, or beneath cigars are all good spots to place it.
  • Cannabis: Place directly in an airtight jar, weed package, or bag.
  • Food: For sugar, spices, dried herbs, and other food, place the Boveda directly in the airtight jar, bag, or container where the food is stored.


Where Can I Buy Boveda Humidity Packs In Bulk

Now that you know what you need to maintain your stockroom efficiently, it's essential to figure out where to get the products mentioned in this article for your stockroom. Luckily, Cannatron is a wholesale distributor of Boveda Packs, so you can stock up for your storage needs and sell them to your customers so they can keep their weed, wraps, and cigars fresh!

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