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Creating a Complete Smoke Shop Experience

Creating a Complete Smoke Shop Experience

Samantha Catrambone |

Creating a complete smoke shop experience for your customers is one of the best ways to keep them coming back time and time again. Shoppers will come in looking for specific smoking-related products, and it's crucial to anticipate those needs. Whether they want to buy a whole smoking tool kit or just a single lighter, stocking your store with all the essentials is the perfect way to ensure it is their preferred one-stop shop.


By offering a comprehensive range of items other stores might overlook, you can create the perfect destination for customers, increase their satisfaction, and encourage repeat visits. Plus, having a complete inventory of essential smoking accessories and add-ons also presents opportunities for additional sales and upselling, contributing to the profitability of your business. This article will dive into all you need to know about an accessory that every one of your customers uses: lighters and torches.


Stocking Your Store with Essential Smoking Accessories

Although it's smart to stock a selection of high-ticket items in your shop, it's also important to have a variety of small add-on products like butane lighters and torches available. Customers who smoke flower, cannabis concentrates, or tobacco all have one thing in common: they need some form of lighter to spark up. Although this might seem simple, it's a crucial fact to consider when stocking your store. If a lighter is needed for almost every non-vape product you offer, having a comprehensive range of lighter options is a great way to ensure a complete smoke shop customer experience.


Still trying to figure out where to start? Let's talk about what types of lighters your customers are looking for so you can order strategically and offer expert advice on the floor.


Types of Lighters To Stock in Your Smoke Shop

Flint Wheel Lighter

A girl is holding a green tie dye Clipper flint wheel lighter

When you visualize a typical lighter, a flint wheel lighter is probably the first thing you picture. They are usually plastic, have a spark wheel and flint system, and are prefilled with butane. To use them, customers must flick their thumb on the spark wheel while pushing the ignition button simultaneously to spark the flame. Flint wheel lighters are an essential option to stock in your store. They are affordable and should be displayed near the checkout counter for maximum convenience!

Jet Flame Lighter

A girl is holding a blue Clipper Jet Lighter and is igniting it to show the jet flame

Named after its resemblance to the flame of a commercial jet, a jet flame lighter is another excellent option to keep in store. This particular lighter features a consistent blue flame even in poor weather conditions. They are also straightforward to use, requiring only a push of the ignition button to achieve a steady flame perfect for lighting cigars, blunts, and joints. We recommend carrying a selection of jet flame lighters in your store for customers who prefer to smoke outside or want to protect their thumb from a spark wheel, which can hurt after repeated use.

Butane Torch

A girl holds a light teal Blazer Big Shot torch in front of a shelf of torches in the Cannatron wholesale showroom

Butane torches are essential to smoking cannabis concentrates, which have a significantly higher melting point than cannabis in flower form. They work by discharging liquid butane stored in a pressurized tank into a gas stream that ignites using a flicker or piezo igniter. Since using a dab rig without a torch is impossible, keeping a variety of butane torches in your store for customers to choose from is vital. We recommend keeping a selection near your rig display so customers can determine which torch is the right size for their rig setup.

Novelty Lighters

A girl holds the green Thicket Spaceout Ray Gun butane novelty torch in front of a shelf of torches in the Cannatron wholesale showroom

Novelty items are a fun way to get your customers to make an impulse buy, and novelty lighters are no different. This could be a lighter that glows in the dark or a butane torch shaped like a space gun. Having a few novelty lighters to choose from is a great way to get customers to impulsively buy a new lighter that speaks to their personality and interests!

Frequently Asked Questions: Butane Lighter & Torches

Your customers will have questions about lighters, torches, and related products. Here are a few answers to some of the top questions they might have so you can be prepared:

How Many Times Can You Refill a Clipper Lighter?

Clipper lighters are designed to be completely reusable. The company has created a full solution for the reusability of its plastic lighters. Your customers can refill the gas as many times as they want. They can also visit their website to purchase flint and spark wheel replacements to continue using their favorite lighter.

Can You Use a Clipper Lighter To Roll a Joint?

A girl holds a pink Clipper lighter with the poker tool removed and held to the side

Clippers were designed with smokers' needs in mind, so the flint system inside every Clipper lighter actually doubles as a packing tool. Your customers can use it to help roll their joints or blunts. All they have to do is start rolling up, take the packing tool out of the lighter to pack down their weed, and insert it back into the lighter to spark up! If your customer asks about this, we recommend giving them a demo so they can see how it works.

Are Butane Lighters Okay for Smoking?

Butane is the most commonly used liquid in lighters, but is it safe? Well, the act of smoking anything is not exactly healthy. However, using a butane lighter to smoke weed, cigars, and cigarettes is a standard practice. According to data presented by Hess, a global energy company devoted to exploring oil, gas, and energy solutions , a small amount of butane (like from a lighter or torch) is non-toxic by inhalation. In short, there isn't much difference between using butane or an alternative if your customers are already smoking.

What Are the Most Popular Lighter Brands?


Clipper is a highly well-known brand because of their lighter's iconic round shape and multifunctionality. They are refillable, reusable, and can be used to pack weed or tobacco because the flint system doubles as a packing tool. Plus, they are designed with high safety standards and come in various sizes and designs.

Special Blue

Special Blue is another famous brand specializing in butane torches and lighters designed with smokers in mind. They sell a wide selection of high-quality refillable devices that instantly elevate your customer's smoking experience.

Whip It

Whip It makes handheld butane torches of the world's highest quality standards. Their torches are designed to be lightweight for portability, comfortable to handle, adjustable for precision, and refillable for convenience.

Toker Poker

Toker Poker is a popular lighter-sleeve brand designed to work in tandem with famous lighters like Clipper. The design is an all-inclusive smoking tool, so users can keep their lighter, poker, hemp wick, and tamper in the same place.

Where To Buy Wholesale Lighters & Butane Torches

Now that you know how to create a complete smoke shop experience, it's time to figure out where to get the products mentioned in this article so you can get started. Luckily, Cannatron is the perfect distributor to stock up on wholesale lighters and torches! With exclusive pricing on all smoking products, buying wholesale from Cannatron means offering your customers the most popular brands at prices they will love!


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