Size Matters: How Vape Sizes May Help Sway Buyers

When buying a new vape, size matters to your customers. Everyone has a preference, especially when purchasing a product they will use consistently, if not daily. So, stocking your store with various vapes in all size categories is a critical sales strategy. Depending on the customer, they may want a sturdy, more robust vape with a strong battery life, and others might like a discrete, small vape that fits in their pocket. By anticipating all your customers' needs, you can sway buyers into making a vape purchase that will complement their preferences and lifestyle.


Vape Size Categories To Stock In Your Store

A closeup of a hand holding a rainbow Signal, green Novex, and black Slim Twist Pro outstretched on the palm

There are several vape categories related to size that you should keep in mind when ordering inventory for your store. Since every customer will use their vapes in a slightly different capacity, you should have various options to fit their intended use. Whether that is a mini vape that is easy to travel with or a long-lasting vape that rarely needs to be charged, having a few options within each vape size category is a great way to sway buyers to make a purchase. Here are the vape size categories we recommend stocking in your store.


Stick Style Vapes/Pens

One hand is holding and Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0 in the Chroma design, and a second hand is reaching for the same type of vape.

Stick-style vape pens are easily the most popular, so having an extensive selection for your customers in this vape size category is a must. Typically, stick-style pens are sleek and long in shape, with a cylindrical body. Since this is the standard vape size and style, they should work with all your customer's vape cartridges, dab atomizers, or other vape attachments. This makes them an excellent option for customers building a vape kit.

They are also very easy to use and typically have one button that controls the whole vaping process or are auto draw, which makes them a perfect choice for beginners. However, stick-style vape pens do not protect the vape cartridge during use, so they are not the best option for customers who have a history of breaking their vapes. If your customer wants a stick-style vape pen but is scared of breaking their cart, we recommend offering a stick-style vape pen with squared edges. All in all, stick-style vapes are a vital size category to always keep in stock.


Mini / Concealable Vapes

A white girl with long finger nails is holding a green Ooze Novex with an OozeX cartridge inside

If your customer's top priority is being discreet with their vape, a mini or concealable vape is your best bet for making an in-store sale. Mini vapes fit in the palm of your customer's hand, making them easy to hide when needed. They also usually offer more cartridge protection because this vape size usually conceals the cart within the battery during use. This makes the entire vaping process as lowkey as possible, which is perfect for customers who want to keep their vape sesh on the down low.

These are also a good option for customers that like to travel with their vape because they easily fit into any pocket or purse. One thing to keep in mind is that typically the smaller the vape, the shorter the battery life. If a long-lasting battery is also a top priority, we recommend showing them the smallest battery with the highest mAh you have in stock!


Palm / Square Vapes

A white girl's hand with pink nails is holding an arctic blue Ooze Duplex Pro vaporizer

Palm-style or square batteries are easy and comfortable to handle, which is ideal for customers who enjoy having a firm grip on their vape at all times. Palm-style batteries are typically bulky compared to their stick-style counterparts, making it harder for them to slip out of your customer’s hand. If they come into your store after breaking their last battery, this is a great option to offer them since this type of vape is sturdy, easy to hold, and will not roll off of a flat surface.

They also typically provide cartridge protection, another excellent reason for accident-prone customers to switch to this vape style. If durability is a top priority for your customers, offering a nice selection of palm-style batteries is a simple way to score the sale.


Big Vape Batteries

A pink Ooze Tanker is being held up outside in front of a flowering tree

A big vape offers big features that your customers will love. One of the best perks of a big vape is that they typically have a powerful battery, so they last a long time in between charges. For your customers who are using their vape daily, this is an excellent option to recommend since they will not have to plug their battery in while they go about their day. Another dope feature about big vapes is that they are durable and sturdy, which is ideal for customers who need a vape to keep up with their lifestyle.

Some bigger vaporizers provide a barrier around the cartridge, protecting it from occasional drops or falls and ensuring its safety when put away. The only thing to note about big vapes is that they are not as discreet as their mini counterparts, so if that is a top priority of your customer, a palm-style or concealable may be a better option for them to consider. If their top priorities are long-lasting battery life and durability, a bigger battery will be the best option for their needs.


Everyone has a preference regarding the size of their vape, so it's crucial to order vapes that fit various priorities. When customers come into your store looking for a new vape, it's vital to ask the right questions so you can find the best vape for them. We recommend showing each customer around the vape section of your store while explaining the pros/cons of each vape size.

Giving a quick demonstration on how to use them is another strategic way to ensure your customers find a battery they love. Providing various options in each vape size category makes the in-store shopping experience for your customers as easy as possible, increasing sales and customer satisfaction!