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Size Matters: How Vape Sizes May Help Sway Buyers

Size Matters: How Vape Sizes May Help Sway Buyers

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Ooze Warranty Program

As a business owner, you know there’s nothing worse than an unhappy customer. If something purchased from your store defects, there’s usually nothing you can do without eating some of the cost to replace it. That is, until you stock up on Ooze batteries for your vape section that are covered by the Ooze Warranty Program. With products that are backed up with this warranty, Ooze will handle any issues with the product so you never have to.

6 different displays of Ooze vape pen batteries are displayed on a smoke shop shelf.

Now, this warranty program wasn’t created because the products are faulty—actually, it’s the opposite. We stand by the quality of each device and believe in the technology and safety features installed. That’s why Ooze decided to cover all these products with a warranty. If the device isn’t working properly, we need to figure out why and issue a replacement. Happy customers are what we’re all about!


What is the Ooze Warranty Program?

All Ooze pen-style vape devices are covered by the Standard Warranty, which will be active for whopping 5 years from the purchase date. A well-cared for standard lithium-ion battery (like the pen-style batteries) has a lifespan of 4 years, so Ooze technically gives a bonus year of coverage.

The Limited Warranty covers all other electronic Ooze devices and is active for 1 year after the purchase date.


How does the warranty program work?

A text-based graphic that explain the steps of a customer purchasing an Ooze vape pen, registering it, and filing a claim under the Ooze Warranty Program.

Encourage your customers to register their device on the Ooze site before their first use. There should be a QR code on the package of all newer models, and product registration is also available and easy to find on the site.

Once the device is registered, the warranty is activated. The warranty is not activated until the device is registered in our system, so just selling the product does not mean its automatically covered. Then, if the customer ever encounters an issue with their device, they can simply fill out a warranty claim with Ooze, also on the website.

The Ooze Customer Support team will handle any required product returns and will ship out a new, working device. There’s nothing you need to do after selling that initial device. So, stock up on Ooze and spend more of your time focused on your store’s progression and less on dealing with faulty product returns.

It can be tempting to stock up on cheaper devices, but having warranties for as many products in your store as possible will save you a lot of headache. Shop the entire line of Ooze vaporizers here!

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