5 Ways to Increase Sales

Improving sales at your cannabis retailer can be as easy as implementing a few core retailer best practices. The following can help provide profitable sales opportunities along with a high rate of customer retention.

Create a Customer Experience

When the owners, managers, and staff members work together to strategize ways to enhance the level of service and the environment of their storefront, your customer is likely to have a customer experience that ensures they return to your location regularly.

From the moment a customer enters your store until the time they leave, take all aspects into account and plan accordingly to the best of your ability.

First-time customers tend to be concerned with the check-in process, along with what products will work for them. Digital tablets offered to your customers upon arrival can assist in creating patient profiles, and your sales staff should be able to listen closely to determine and recommend which products will produce each customer’s anticipated effects.

Provide your clients with info about current specials, inventory, loyalty opportunities, and any other ways of upselling or cross-selling suggestions that will allow your staff members to connect directly with your customer base.

Web Presence

At this point, a solid, consistent presence on the web is required for most companies, but especially smoke supply and cannabis-related sellers.

Ensure to align your marketing strategies with the way your customers are searching for your business. Your website should be professional, and you should utilize sites/apps like WeedMaps and Leafly, where your store can be listed and customers can find you.

Social media is a great tool as many consumers trust reviews and advertisements they see. Using Facebook will allow users to “like” and share your business’ page, helping to create an online following. Having a presence on social media is one of the more important aspects of your retail location’s web presence.

MailChimp is a great, easy way to create and send email blasts. A Google Maps widget integrated into your website will guarantee your customers are able to find you. Shopify is a great platform for selling your products online.

Target Referrals

For any type of business, referrals are the best kind of leads. Customers who have heard of you through someone else are typically more likely to buy and may be willing to pay higher prices because they already have trust in your company.

A rewards program that benefits your current patients and those they refer is a great way to actively and continuously target referrals. Give your customers a reason to tell everyone they know about your location and you will see an increase in new clients.

Word-of-mouth referrals speak to the quality of your products, the level of customer service provided, and the atmosphere of your business.

Analyze Consumer Information

Understanding why your customers purchase certain products in higher numbers is just as important to comprehend as what they are buying. Analyze the purchase patterns and seasonal trends you see to better understand how to purchase your inventory and display your items.

Other variables of operating a profitable retail location include digital signage, the aesthetics of your store, and staff performance. Considering all these variables can provide a full image as to why sales are higher/lower during specific times.

Take Advantage of Tourism

If you run a dispensary, try to get your business’ name on the list for any cannabis tours local to your area. If possible, partner with a tour company/s to ensure regular visits from new potential customers. Offer discounts to tour attendees so that they are more likely to make a purchase at your shop, and make sure they enjoy their experience and leave happy.

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