Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Smoke Shops

The 2019 holiday season is almost here! As customers begin shopping for the special people on their list, we want you to be prepared. We’ve compiled a list of products we know stoners have their eye on, as well as a few for those picky people that are nearly impossible to shop for. Plenty of different smoke shop products make awesome stocking stuffers, white elephant prizes and Secret Santa gifts!

1. The Ooze Novex

A hand holds all 5 colors of the Ooze Novex battery in a straight line down the palm, held over a wooden floor background.

The latest addition to the Ooze family of batteries has arrived! The Novex is essentially a cross between our best-selling Slim Twist Pen and our mod-style Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer. 

The Novex is a slender palm-style 510 thread battery, where you screw your cartridge directly into the chamber for a more compact size and added cart protection. Cycle through the three temperature options with a few clicks of the button, or activate Preheat Mode for 10 seconds of continuous heat without needing to hold the button.

A white female hand with pink nail polish holds a blue Ooze Novex battery with a chrome Ooze atomizer. She wears a white ribbed sweater and her arm is laying on a fuzzy tan blanket

Don’t forget to stock up on Ooze atomizer packs, so the Novex can be used with pre-filled carts and all other types of concentrates. The Novex comes in 5 classy color options.

2. Mug Pipes

A white ceramic mug pipe against a white background. The mug has a coffee cup, weed leaf and donut above the phrase "Group Therapy"

    Who doesn’t love to wake and bake?! A mug pipe is the perfect item for a lovely early-morning sesh. A small bowl is built into the front of the mug, where the air chamber connects internally to a mouthpiece on the handle.

    A round, short and squat green and gold ceramic glazed mug pipe sits against a white background.

    These mugs come in a range of different colors, sizes, and shapes! Ideal for a mom who loves tea and is just getting into cannabis, or a college student looking to unwind after a long night of studying.

    3. Happy Dab Kit

      The Happy Dab Kit line of products make lighting up in any setting an ease. Each kit includes everything needed for a quick on-the-go sesh. Don’t let the name fool you, though! These kits don’t only cater to dab lovers; kits are available for flower fiends, too. 

      Happy Dab Kit with a nectar collector, lighter, poker, and stash jars all tucked in their place inside the waterproof, smellproof hard case.The Pink Happy Kit against a white background with the glass hand pipe, lighter, doob tube, rolling papers, and grinder in their places inside the pink hard waterproof, smellproof case.

      Each kit always comes enclosed in a smell-proof, shock-proof case, so it’s easy to bring along in a backpack or suitcase. Glass pieces stay secured in their designated places and that tell-tale scent stays trapped inside the zipper closure. Check out the entire line of Happy Kits!

      4. Smoke Buddy

        The Smoke Buddy is a tool that just about every stoner could use in their tool arsenal. This is a personal air filter that keeps your consumption lowkey and out of others’ nostrils. Exhale smoke directly into the mouthpiece of the Smoke Buddy, and it disappears.
        A lime green Smoke Buddy is out of the packaging against a white backgroundAn orange tie dye Smoke Buddy in original packaging against a white background.


        This is a great gift for parents who enjoy cannabis after the kids are in bed, but want to eliminate any trace of second-hand smoke. College students living in dorms can also stay under the RA’s radar by using a Smoke Buddy, even if it’s just for a nicotine vape! The Smoke Buddy is truly a buddy to all smoke. Available in a large range of colors and designs to fit any stoner’s style!

        5. CBD Bath Bombs & Soap

          The CBD craze has fully taken America by storm. CBD is beginning to be accepted among even the most conservative individuals who see cannabis as an evil substance. Now is the time to give that aunt who’s been thinking about trying CBD the gift of wellness! We have a massive inventory of CBD products, from lotions and anti-aging creams, to bath bombs and soap!

          JustCBD fruit explosions pink bath bomb in original packaging against a white background.JustCBD pomegranate hemp soap in original packaging against a white background.


          A JustCBD bath bomb is an indulgent way to practice self-care. It adds an extra layer on top of the delicious fragrance and skin-softening aspects of using a bath bomb for relaxation. Add in a scrub down of JustCBD hemp soap, and wash worries, aches and pains down the drain.

          6. Green Monkey Tray + Grinder Kit

            The rainbow grinder and tray kit from Green Monkey Grinders is an amazing gift. The oil slick trend continues to boom, and for good reason. The shiny, multicolor finish looks dope against any background and really pops. A box full of rainbow goodies under the tree is sure to put a smile on any stoner’s face.

            Green Monkey Grinders gift box set against a white background. The box is open with the lid sitting on an angle behind the box. The box contains a rainbow oil slick mini grinder, oval tray with rounded sides, and a poker dab tool.

            A mini Green Monkey Capuchin 4-piece grinder, classy rolling/ash tray with rounded sides, and scraper dab tool all come neatly assembled in a hard gift box. This gift is super easy to wrap, and a blast to open!

            7. Lighterpick

              The Lighterpick is the 21st century take on the classic dugout. It’s an all-in-one setup that is not only smell-proof to keep your stash fresh and fragrance locked inside, it’s also waterproof! There just isn’t an on-the-go piece that does more. This is the optimal piece for any smoker that wants to light up on an adventure without drawing much attention.

              A black Lighterpick dugout out of the packaging against a black background. The Lighterpick is opened to show all the tools inside, including a one-hitter, 2" poker, container for cannabis and a slot for a lighter.A pink Lighterpick dugout closed in original packaging against a white background.


              Each Lighterpick can hold up to a quarter ounce of cannabis comfortably, keeping the stink on lockdown. There’s a slot for your lighter and includes a one-hitter piece and 2” poker tool to stir and clear clogs in the bowl. With a variety of colors available, you may want to grab one of these for everyone on your list!

              8. Truweigh Riot

                A reliable digital scale is one of the most overlooked essentials in a stoner tool kit. Besides being able to know if you just got ripped off by your plug, a scale is great for rationing your bud out when you’re on a budget, or making sure your dosing is accurate. The Truweigh Riot can weigh up to 100g (not that grandma is every going to bring home that much), and has a rubberized, soft-touch cover that gives it a little added protection.

                A female hand with pink nail polish holds a pink Truweigh Riot digital scale above a wood floor. The scale is turned on to show the pink backlight.A white Truweigh Riot digital scale is sitting on a gray wood floor. The cover is propped up on an angle over the weighing platform, and the scale is turned off.


                A scale is a great gift for older relatives just beginning to explore cannabis. Help them figure out an appropriate amount to pack in their bowl so they don’t get too high, too fast, turning them off from the cannabis experience altogether. Get a scale and spend some quality time educating and toking together!

                9. Cheech and Chong glass, grinders and trays

                  The original stoner duo, Cheech and Chong are celebrating 40 years of Up in Smoke! Give that uncle a nostalgic gift that is sure to bring back some good memories. Glass bongs, grinders and rolling trays featuring the iconic pair make great gifts on their own, or grab one of each for the ultimate gift for a superfan. 


                  Mini green Cheech and Chong water pipe with a large bowl against a white background.Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke 40th Anniversary rolling tray angled left against a white background.

                  It’s a great idea to stock up on all sorts of novelty items before the holidays. Not only will you catch the eye of the stoner who loves these franchises, but people are shopping for white elephant gifts and funny prizes for holiday party games. 

                  10. Ooze Grab Bags

                    We’ve saved the greatest gifts for last! Ooze grab bags make holiday shopping as easy as can be. Each grab bag is jam packed with some of our favorite Ooze products, creating a full tool kit. We have both vape and dry herb grab bags available, so you can cater to your full clientele with products they actually want. 

                    The Ooze Vape Grab bag with all contents shown outside the bag against a white background. This includes a Fusion, gold slim twist, globe, dab mat, sticker pack and hat pinsThe Ooze Dry Herb Grab Bag with all contents shown outside the bag against a white background. This includes a Sax bubbler, Roadie ashtray, EZ pipe, rolling tray, sticker pack, and hat pins.


                    We have $20, $40, and $60 bags of each category available. Each arrives in your store already bagged up in an Ooze reusable bag. Just add some tissue paper, and the gift is good to go. Imagine the excitement lighting up that sweet little stoner’s face when they see an Ooze bag under the tree!