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An elf on the shelf doll with an Ooze shirt is in a Christmas tree with turquoise and green ornaments and silver ribbon. He has a rainbow Ooze slim twist vape pen.

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Smoke Shops

Layne Alfred |

The 2023 holiday season is almost here! As customers begin shopping for the special people on their list, we want you to be prepared. We’ve compiled a list of products we know stoners have their eye on, as well as a few niche options for those picky people that are nearly impossible to shop for. Plenty of different smoke shop products make awesome stocking stuffers, white elephant prizes and Secret Santa gifts!

1. The Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0

 Two girls are reaching for their Chroma Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0s

The Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0 is everyone’s go-to vape battery. These affordable vape pens easily connect to any 510 thread cartridge or atomizer, making them super versatile and perfect for any vaper. You can also market the Twist Slim Pen to those who love to vape on-the-go, because they can throw them in their bag or even pocket.


With 18 colors, 48ct displays or 24ct displays available, you’re sure to catch everyone’s eye, so put them front and center this holiday season.


2. Mug Pipes

 A girl holds up an Alien Mug Pipe in front of a shelf full of other mug pipes

    Who doesn’t love to wake and bake?! A mug pipe is the perfect item for a lovely early-morning sesh. A small bowl is built into the front of the mug, where the air chamber connects internally to a mouthpiece on the handle.

    These mugs come in a range of different colors, sizes, and shapes! Ideal for a mom who loves tea and is just getting into cannabis, or a college student looking to unwind after a long night of studying.

    3. The Ooze C-Core Line

      Ooze released not just one, but four of the most impressive vaporizers of the year! Stock all four C-Core devices, these are advanced pieces that smokers have had their eye on for months. Make sure you have plenty of replacement onyx atomizer packs in stock, these make great stocking stuffers for customers who already love their C-Core device!

      A display shelf with all the Ooze C-Core devices shown with their replacement parts in the Cannatron showroom

      The C-Core line has a device for everyone and every price point. The simple Beacon dab pen is the most affordable and easiest to use. The Booster is a fan favorite because it rips hard in hand and can stick into any bong. The Electro Barrel has gone viral on social media, so there are tons of people asking for it! And lastly, the Verge is the best vaporizer under $200 on the market currently.

      4. Smoke Buddy

        The Smoke Buddy is a tool that just about every stoner could use in their tool arsenal. This is a personal air filter that keeps your consumption lowkey and out of others’ nostrils. Exhale smoke directly into the mouthpiece of the Smoke Buddy, and it disappears.
        A lime green Smoke Buddy is out of the packaging against a white backgroundAn orange tie dye Smoke Buddy in original packaging against a white background.


        This is a great gift for parents who enjoy cannabis after the kids are in bed, but want to eliminate any trace of second-hand smoke. College students living in dorms can also stay under the RA’s radar by using a Smoke Buddy, even if it’s just for a nicotine vape! The Smoke Buddy is truly a buddy to all smoke. Available in a large range of colors and designs to fit any stoner’s style!


        5. Sweet Tooth Candles

        A square graphic shows 3 14oz triple wick and 3 3oz tumbler candles with the Sweet Tooth Candles logo across the top

          Stock up on the Sweet Tooth Candles, because they’re a delicious gift for stoners and non-stoners alike. These 14oz triple wick and 3oz tumbler candles mimic the smell of the customers’ favorite snacks, like Jolly Ranchers, Reese’s, Hot Tamales and more.

          These candles are officially licensed scents from popular candy and snack food brands, so these scents don’t get closer to accurate than from the Sweet Tooth candles. 

          6. Green Monkey Tray + Grinder Kit

            The rainbow grinder and tray kit from Green Monkey Grinders is an amazing gift. The oil slick trend continues to boom, and for good reason. The shiny, multicolor finish looks dope against any background and really pops. A box full of rainbow goodies under the tree is sure to put a smile on any stoner’s face.

            Green Monkey Grinders gift box set against a white background. The box is open with the lid sitting on an angle behind the box. The box contains a rainbow oil slick mini grinder, oval tray with rounded sides, and a poker dab tool.

            A mini Green Monkey Capuchin 4-piece grinder, classy rolling/ash tray with rounded sides, and scraper dab tool all come neatly assembled in a hard gift box. This gift is super easy to wrap, and a blast to open!

            7. Glones x Packs Pre-Rolled Cones

              Keep Glones x Packs Pre-Rolled Cones on your shelves and let customers know they’re the best paper cones complete with a built-in glass tip. They come in reusable, crush-proof plastic joint cases that customers can keep using for future blunts and joints! We have 1 ¼ and king sizes available, as well as ultra-thin and unbleached paper options.


              Paper cones are always a great gift because every stoner can use more of them, and customers may just pick up a few packs for themselves while they’re at it.

              8. Truweigh Shine

              The rainbow Truweigh Shine scale is sitting on a holographic table with the hinged cover open

                The Truweigh Shine is more precise than the regular smoke shop scale at 0.01g. Not only is it one of the best function-wise, it’s so portable that it even fits in a pocket. It’s perfect for weighing light substances like flower, wax and oil for cartridges.

                A scale is a great gift for older relatives just beginning to explore cannabis. Help them figure out an appropriate amount to pack in their bowl so they don’t get too high, too fast, turning them off from the cannabis experience altogether. Get a scale and spend some quality time educating and toking together!

                9. Clipper Lighter 48ct Displays

                  Put these 48ct Clipper Lighter displays up by the cash register for an easy add to any gift purchase. These lighters are bold and fun, but also very sustainable since they’re completely reusable and easy to refill.

                   A 48

ct display of Mike Tyson "the Ear" Clipper lightersA 48ct display of Ric Flair Drip #2 Clipper lighters

                  We even have new Mike Tyson & Ric Flair display options that are eye-catching to anyone walking by. They make the perfect stocking stuffers for all, because everyone can always use an extra lighter!


                  10. Thicket Spaceout Torches

                    Why not make even torches a fun part of the dabbing experience? The new Thicket Spaceout Flashback butane torch is Rick & Morty inspired, so it’s a no-brainer gift for anyone on your customer’s list that loves the show. These funky torches look like space blaster guns, making for a fun and surprising gift.

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