Time to Buy: Get Your Store Ready for 420

How to Prepare for 4/20 as a Cannabis Shop Owner

April 20th, widely known as 420 in the cannabis community, brings in the most single-day sales of the year to most cannabis retailers. We anticipate this year will be no different, as last year's 4/20 was the largest sales day in Cannabis history! Michigan alone was responsible for 2.3 tons of cannabis sold on a single day in 2022, up 242% from the previous year. Assuming this trend continues, we are looking at another record-breaking day of sales this year, which means getting a head-start on your inventory orders is essential. In this article, we will give you our expert tips on how to prepare for 420 so you can own the shelves and have your best sales yet!

A long line of customers is waiting out side of a Cannabis dispensary. It's raining and most of them are wearing coats, jackets, and/or boots.

When to start preparing your store for 420 

You should start thinking about your 420 plans and promotions now, and make sure to get your order in ASAP. Supply chain issues are still slowing down deliveries, and you want to make sure your shelves are fully stocked. Also, 4/20 falls on a Thursday this year, so the weekend before (4/14-4/16) is expected to be extremely busy.

Dispensary foot traffic will be the highest on the 20th, with customers shopping for accessories and new pieces in advance. Lazy stoners are just a stereotype. There are plenty of smokers who have been dreaming about 4/20 for months (or years for the newly legal!) and will be proactive in getting all their supplies in order. As soon as April rolls around, start moving things around and deciding which products to display in key areas. You are most likely to sell more expensive, crazy, or novelty pieces during this period than any other time of the year. 


Cannabis Business Marketing Strategy for 420

Cater to every type of customer 

One of our most strategic 420 business ideas is to have a wide assortment of products for your customers should be a top priority for a lucrative storefront. You know your customer's preferences better than anyone and should increase the orders of top-selling products in preparation for the busy month ahead. The products your customers have proven to love should be readily available to keep consistent sales flowing. A well-curated storefront will offer products in every category year-round, but it will be even more critical during April.

A shelf in a smoke shop displays a rainbow Ooze Pronto dab straw and a ConNectar dab straw attachment on a twist slim pen.

In the past, 4/20 has been chiefly associated with the consumption of cannabis flower, while 7/10 has emerged as the concentrate-focused holiday in recent years. Concentrates have steadily increased in popularity over time, and with that being said, both categories should be considered when creating your 4/20 promotions. In 2023, a wide selection of electric vaping devices equipped with incredible new tech has been made readily available from key players in the market like Ooze. Now is the perfect time to show them off to consumers!


Prepare to educate first-time users 

Two Happy Kit starter smoking kits are opened up in a smoke shop to show the dab straw inside one and the glass pipe in the other.

This month will bring in more novices than any other month. For regular users, 4/20 is a fun party time to get together with friends or just kick back and smoke a little more than usual. For inexperienced users, it can be that day of the year when the stigma against cannabis falls even lower, and they feel compelled to finally give it a try. Make sure to have plenty of beginner items displayed. Create a newbies section or put together weed and wax starter kits to make sure they leave with all the supplies they need for a successful first time.  

Remember to be patient with new users, even if their questions seem obvious. This holiday is all about having a good time, and that should start from the very first interaction. Taking the time to answer why they would need a grinder or the best temperature to set their vape pen to will go a long way! A positive interaction is also the perfect opportunity to suggest add-on products to maximize sales.


Prepare Your Team on New Products

A display shelf of the Ooze C-Core product collection in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

The easiest but often overlooked way to prepare for 420 is to ensure your team has been prepped on all product information, especially new releases. With tons of new innovative tech coming out just in time for 4/20, we highly recommend ensuring your sales and floor team are up-to-date on the latest products, such as Ooze's NEW C-Core Collection. This is the perfect opportunity for customers to invest in the latest tech, so your team should know precisely why this new line is the future of cannabis vaping in order to guarantee the sale. Luckily,the Ooze C-Core Collection sells itself!

This innovative line of vaping products by Ooze is equipped with C-Core Technology and has optimized simple vaporizing devices resulting in a tremendous impact on the consumption experience. Ooze has created dry-herb and concentrate vaporizers, delivering the smoothest, most efficient vaping experience yet.

The Sapphire Blue Ooze Verge dry herb vape is displayed on a shelf in the Cannatron wholesale showroom. Several devices are arranged with the replacement parts and accessories.

If your customers come in looking for a new dry herb vape, introduce them to the Verge Dry Herb Vaporizer, a device featuring a Nano-Glazed C-Core heating pod that uses three types of heat to penetrate deep into the chamber. This provides an even burn, maximizing natural terpene potential and efficient vaporization like never before.

A red and black Ooze Booster is displayed in its packaging in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

For customers looking for a new way to dab this 420, show them the Ooze Booster Extract Vaporizer or the Electro Barrel E-Rig. Both are equipped with the C-Core Onyx Atomizer, which has an extreme micro porosity, allowing the dab to spread out evenly for the most efficient dabbing experience on the market.

A rainbow Ooze Electro Barrel e-rig is displayed on a shelf surrounded by other C-Core products and accessories in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

The Booster Extract Vaporizer provides two-in-one functionality by offering an on-the-go vaporizer or an attachment for water pipes to deliver a smooth dab hit without a torch. The Electro Barrel E-Rig is an electric bubbler that provides an intensely potent and flavorful experience. We highly recommend creating a vibrant C-Core Collection display this 4/20 so your customers can see how dope this new line of vaping devices is just in time for the festivities.


Put your craziest pieces front and center 

Another one of our favorite 420 business ideas is to have some fun with your store layout! 420 is one of the few times the year even the most frugal customers will contemplate increasing their basket size. That makes it the best possible time to display the biggest, baddest, most insane glass bongs and dab rigs prominently. Give awards to your products to create a conversation around them! Awards like "Tallest Bong," "Biggest Bowl," or "Most Useful Grinder" draw more attention to products that might be otherwise overlooked.

A white woman wearing a long sleeve blue shirt is holding the massive RAW Challenge Cone in it's package. It's held in front of an entire wall display of other RAW products.

Non-glass novelty products like the massive RAW cones, or ceramic mug pipes are also great 420 options. Holidays mean parties, so these products that are just plain fun will perform exceptionally well during this period. Personal bulk cone boxes, rolling trays, and of course, rolling papers and blunt wraps should also be on your list. 


What should you discount for 4/20: Running 420 Sales

Unlike Black Friday or other discount-heavy holidays, customers are not strictly motivated by discounts and sale prices for 420. This is the time they are most likely to drop more cash on an expensive piece or load up their basket with anything cool that catches their eye. You don’t need to rely on heavy discounts to have a successful 4/20. A thoughtful store layout and employee recommendations can drive major sales. 

A variety of smoke shop products are displayed for 420. There is a GRAV Gravitron, Stache Rio dab rig, and a Santa Cruz Shredder grinder.

Choose a handful of your pricier items, like electric dab rigs, expensive glass pieces, or any popular product customers would be surprised to see on sale. Be strategic when selecting your sale items; offering substantial discounts on a handful of loss leaders will increase foot traffic. Once they’re in the door, they will hopefully add additional, non-discounted items to their order.  


A shot of a laptop open on a desk with the Cannatron logo displayed on the screen. The desk is in a warehouse and has boxes piled up on either side of the computer.

There is no such thing as too much preparation when it comes to the big day, and if you still need to place your orders, there is no time to delay! Ensure your employees are properly equipped with all the knowledge on the best-selling products, the hottest trends, and upcoming new products. Make sure you are all on the same page on running promotions to guarantee they deliver a great experience and convert first-time customers to lifetime customers!