Upselling Opportunities: the Stache Rio Rig-in-One

Welcome to Upselling Opportunities with Cannatron! This series will help you increase your average order values over time, and make logical suggestions for product add-ons that your customers will appreciate, rather than finding irrelevant or overly sales-y.  

Graphic pointing out all the accessories that make up the Stache Rio Rig-in-one

Today, we’ll be discussing the plethora of upselling opportunities that exist for the Stache Rio Rig-in-One. This is an incredible, all-in-one mechanical dab device from our House Brand Stache. The Rio is made up of a hard silicone base, butane torch, borosilicate glass Micro Rig with a showerhead percolator, 14mm core quartz banger, directional carb cap, and dab tool all packed securely in a zip-up case with Eva foam. 


Bangers and Accessories 

The most obvious upsell items for the Rio are the different banger options that Stache offers. The Rio includes the quartz core banger, which is a flat bottom piece with a circular “core” of quartz in the center. This helps with heat retention and airflow as the concentrates spin around the center as they vaporize. Core bangers aren’t the most common banger option, so your customers may want to outfit their rig with a style of banger they’re more familiar and comfortable with. 

Finding your rhythm with a new dab rig can take some time and practice. We also offer basic flat bottom bangers and round bottom bangers from Stache. These are more common options that more of your customers will be accustomed to, and will take less time for them to get used to the amount of heating time needed for their ideal dab. We recommend displaying Rios in your store with all three banger options on display. 


Micro Rigs 

The teal and orange Stache Rio has the clear Micro Rig inserted and the banger and carb cap attached. To the right are the teal and smoke gray colored Micro Rigs to show that the colors can be swapped.

The most unique piece of the Rio is the rectangular glass water chamber, also called a Micro Rig. Each Rio kit includes the standard, clear glass Micro Rig. This is a thick piece of glass that features a curved mouthpiece that sits at a comfortable angle, 14mm joint, and a showerhead percolator. The shape of the glass combined with the perc creates incredibly smooth hits with every inhale. 



The clear glass does its job just fine and provides a clear view of the water level plus how dirty the piece is getting. However, Stache also offers a variety of different colored Micro Rigs that allow customers to add their own personal touch to their piece. With so many different base colors, they can select their favorite base and Micro Rig colors, and finally choose their designed banger type. 


5 different colors of the Stache Micro Rigs are shown in two rows. Starting from the top left, the colors are green, clear, teal, smoke, and blue.

The colored Micro Rigs come in two different glass treatment options: smooth and transparent or frosted and slightly opaque. The smooth, colored glass has the same texture as the original clear piece, where the frosted glass has been sandblasted for a translucent, cloudy look. Both glass options create the same effects while dabbing, it’s just a difference of personal preference in appearance. 


The Micro Rig is also a fully functioning rig all on its own! This is an option for customers who are curious about Stache’s products but aren’t ready to commit to buying the entire kit. Just fill the piece with water until the perc is covered, insert any 14mm banger or flower bowl, and enjoy. 



The blue and white Stache Rio is shown fully assembled, explaining that is has a built-in butane torch so it has no need for chargers or cords.

One of our favorite selling points of the Rio is that because it doesn’t have a battery component or any internal technology, there is no need for cords, chargers or coils. However, the Rio still needs a fuel source, which happens to be the butane torch that is built right into the silicone base. Torches cannot be filled with butane when they are shipped in the mail for safety reasons, so the torch in the Rio will be empty upon first use. 

can of butane is the one accessory not included in the Rio Kit, so we highly recommend suggesting adding a can or two onto each order! There’s nothing more frustrating than being super excited to use a new piece for the first time, but then realizing you don’t have everything you need to do so. Set your customers up for success before they walk out the door to ensure they have a wonderful experience. 


The 7 silicone base color options of the Stache Rio rig-in-one are shown fully assembled. Starting at top right, they are black, blue, green, pink, purple, red and teal.

The Stache Rio is our top pick when it comes to higher-end dab rigs for many different reasons; a main reason being the endless options for customization, which means plenty of opportunities for upselling! By stocking extra butane, accessories, and the different color options, there are plenty of opportunities to get your customers hooked on the Rio and coming back for new accessories for personalization and butane refills.