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Partner Brand Highlight: Why Choose King Palm?

Partner Brand Highlight: Why Choose King Palm?

Jane Wagner |

King Palm Offers a New Way to Enjoy Cannabis

Rolling papers are a classic way to smoke, but they aren’t everyone’s preference. There has been recent a surge in popularity in rolling paper alternatives like King Palm’s all-natural pre-rolls. A major factor in their success is the non-GMO corn husk filter tip that is installed in every roll. These filters are also available in flavored options with a squeeze-to-activate flavor pearl tucked inside.

In the past, the only way to enjoy a flavored smoke session was to light up a flavored rolling paper. Now, King Palm provides a delicious alternative with all of the flavor and none of the chemicals or additives.

Who is King Palm?

A young black guy wearing a King Palm hat and black jacket with the hood up is lighting a King Palm cone that is in his mouth. He is wearing glasses with yellow lenses, and it holding a jar of weed up to his ear like a phone.

Established in 2016, the King Palm brand has been refining its products to present clients with innovative options found nowhere else. The creators of King Palm were inspired by traditional methods of smoking, prominent in ancient civilizations in Central America. Leaves were used in Mayan civilizations and 15th century Cuba to smoke handmade leaf-wrapped cigars.

Thanks to their research, the company’s founders took inspiration from these methods and developed a deep respect for the value of these natural palm leaves. From there, King Palm pre-rolled cones were born. Today, these hand-rolled leaf cones and filter tips are the best natural options for smokers everywhere.

All-Natural ingredients are King

Three King Palm cones in different sizes are displayed on a gold, oval-shaped tray on a white marble counter with King Palm filter tips scattered around.

Only the best, safest, most natural material options are selected to manufacture King Palm products. While the brand offers a wide range of different size and pouch count options in both cones and filter tips, all of these products are made with the same high-quality components that deliver consistent, enjoyable experiences across the board.

The Cordia Leaf

7 King Palm rolls are lined up in increasing and then decreasing size order to create a wave shape. Each is laying on a single leaf on a dark wood table.

The Cordia tree is a type of palm tree in the borage family. Cordia leaves are used to make each and every King Palm pre-roll. King Palm implements environmentally friendly growing practices for their Cordia trees that grow in Southeast Asia. The leaves on these healthy trees grow back at an incredibly quick rate, which means that they are never overharvested.

Cordia leaves are optimal for smoking because of their slow, smooth burn that makes them stand out amongst the crowd of other leaf varieties. These leaves are a vibrant green that complements the natural coloring of cannabis, and their radiance provides a unique aesthetic for pre-rolled cones.

Each Cordia leaf is hand-rolled to create the perfect cone. Built for sturdiness, the rolls last for a full smoke session without going limp or losing their shape. This is thanks to the strength of the Cordia leaf combined with the structure of the built-in filter tip.

Non-GMO Corn Husk

4 natural King Palm filter tips are laying on a flat surface, with the ends facing the camera. There is a King Palm wrap laying across the top of the filters and it extends past both sides of the frame.

Installed in every King Palm pre-roll is an all-natural filter tip crafted from non-GMO corn husk. This material is hand-rolled into perfect little cylindrical filters that are then rolled into the cones and can also be purchased separately to add to any joint. The natural material of these filters is completely biodegradable

Looking into the end of the filter tip shows a super tightly-rolled coil of the thin layers of corn husk. Instead of paper filters that still leave a large gap for airflow, the King Palm filters completely block all debris from reaching the lips. There is still plenty of airflow, which can even be improved by gently biting or pressing down on the filter during an inhale. This will also add a cooling effect to the smoke!

Individual packs of filter tips take the experience of smoking a regular rolling paper or blunt wrap to the next level. Instead of relying on the filters that come in the pack of papers, or worse, forgoing a filter altogether, add a touch of King Palm. The joint or blunt will never get soggy as it’s passed around the circle; the strength of the corn husk will outlast the duration of the smoke session.

Size Options

A diagram showing the 6 different standard size options for King Palm wraps. From left to right, there is the Rollie (0.5g capacity), Mini (1g), Slim (1.5g), King (2g), XL (3g) and XXL (5g).

King Palm is all about options, especially when it comes to the size of each individual’s preferred cone. A solo smoke session has different requirements than a party or a festival, so King Palm provides plenty of different sizes to cater to every situation. No matter the size, each pouch includes a bamboo packing stick to help perfectly pack the ground bud into the cone for a smooth, slow burn.

Delicious flavors, the natural way!

A variety of packs of different King Palm flavors are laid out in a fan shape on a wooden table. There is also a jar of weed, Xbox controller, and a few other accessories on the table.

Flavored King Palm pre-rolls and filter tips are quite different than any other flavored smoking products on the market. Most flavored rolling papers and wraps are soaked in chemicals or have flavor additives added directly to the paper. This is not ideal because those additives will end up burning along with the joint, adding unnatural substances to the smoke.

King Palm takes a completely different approach when it comes to their flavors. Instead of adding anything to the Cordia leaf, all the flavor resides inside the corn husk filter tip. Each flavored filter has a terpene-infused flavor pearl nestled inside. These flavors complement the natural terpene flavors in the cannabis strain because they are also terpenes that have been derived from food-grade essential oils. No foreign substances are introduced to the cone at any point.

Flavored filter tips are available in 9mm 5-packs in three delicious flavors: Berry Terps, Banana Cream, and Magic Mint. This is an easy, natural way to add a subtle burst of flavor to any joint or blunt. King Palm flavored pre-rolls are available in a much wider range of flavors. Flavors come in both the Mini and Slim sizes, which respectively have capacities of 1g and 1.5g, perfect for to pass with a few friends or enjoy as a solo session.

Control your own flavor experience

A black guy's hands are packing a King Palm cone using the included packing stick. He is doing this on a black rolling tray with a large gold King Palm logo with a matching grinder.

King Palm provides each smoker with complete control over their flavor experience. When each flavored cone or filter is taken out of the package, it actually starts off as an unflavored item. The flavor pearl inside the filter has to be popped to activate the flavor. A sharp pinch of the filter should crush the little ball, allowing the essence of those terpenes to start mixing with the inhaled smoke.

Most cheap flavored papers and wraps end up masking the natural taste of the cannabis inside. This is because those additives are also burnt, and that burnt overpowers any other flavor. King Palm’s flavor pearls never comes into contact with a flame, so no fumes or chemicals are added to the smoke. Instead of tasting burnt, the flavor actually tastes like how the package says it should taste.

That flavor control also comes in handy if someone who doesn’t enjoy flavored papers or wraps shows up to the smoke session. Once the cone is packed, just don’t pop the ball in the filter to enjoy the unflavored experience. You can always save the last few hits for yourself, and pop the filter at the very end!

King Palm is the natural choice for pre-rolled cones and filter tips

A clear plastic box full of King Palm cones is laying on its side with one cone pulled out onto the light wash wooden rolling tray. There is a gold watch and gold chain also on the tray, and fern leaves on the table underneath.

King Palm products are intentionally developed, fusing ancient methods with modern smoking technology. Using only the best, natural ingredients, they have developed a huge inventory of delicious, organic products. So many people use cannabis as medicine, so it’s important to provide products that do not taint the health properties of the plant like the typical flavored products so often do.

King Palm is dedicated to delivering products that give each user complete control over their experience. From size capacity to flavor options, King Palm provides so many possibilities for customization. One thing remains consistent across the board: using only the best quality, natural, organic materials in every product they produce.

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