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The Best Vape Batteries for Your Store

The Best Vape Batteries for Your Store

Jane Wagner |

If vape batteries aren’t some of your best-selling products, you’re missing out the biggest cash cow in the cannabis market. Discreet, easy to carry and cleaner to ingest, vaping cannabis is proving to be one of the most popular way to get lifted. They’re an easy sell since customers can use them for virtually any material, and catch the eye with striking colors and designs.


The founders of Ooze started breaking into this business with their vape batteries. They saw a market full of cheap, unreliable products that were often unsafe as well. So, they decided to create an accountable and affordable brand for vape batteries with safety features, and Ooze was born!


Check out the vape batteries that are bound to fly off the shelves and satisfy every demographic that walks through the door. 


Ooze Slim Twist

5 Ooze Slim Twist vape pen batteries are lined up together with the smart USB chargers attached. from left to right, the colors are pink, blue, orange, green, and yellow. Below is text explaining why these batteries are category killers

The Slim Twist vape pen is the most recognizable battery on the market today, and Cannatron’s very first category-killing product. If nothing else, the Slim Twist is the most versatile vape pen to have available to your customers. It’s easy to use with a power button that also operates the pre-heat function. As simple as it is, the user can still adjust the voltage by turning the dial on the bottom of the device. This makes it possible to vaporize all kinds of materials, from thick wax to thinner oils.


Ooze Quad

4 Ooze Quad square vape batteries are lined up together with the smart USB chargers attached. From left to right the colors are black, rainbow, white, and purple. Below is text explaining why these batteries are category killers.

The Quad vape battery circumvents a common problem many vape pens have—rolling off the table. Its square shape keeps it secure no matter where it is, providing extra protection to the cartridge or atomizer. Plus, if your customer is concerned about battery life, the Quad is the one for them. It automatically shuts off after 12 minutes of inactivity, saving precious juice for when it’s really needed. 

The Quad has quickly become one of our top-selling batteries, it sold out almost immediately after launch! Three new colors have just been introduced to this battery line: Ice Pink, Arctic Blue, and Mary Jade all have a glossy, pearled finish that customers will be drawn to right away.


Ooze Tanker

4 Ooze Tanker vape batteries are lined up together, with the heating chamber slightly disconnected from the base, and a cartridge being inserted into each one. From left to right the colors are rainbow, black, chrome, and gold. Below is text explaining the function of the thermal chamber.

The Tanker is exactly what it sounds like—a heavy duty, durable vape battery. The thermal chamber actually covers the cartridge, which provides optimal airflow by heating the entire cartridge at a consistent temperature in addition to a layer of armored protection. Plus, the Tanker is discreet with the cartridge hidden inside the device.


Ooze Vault

A green Ooze Vault vape battery is shown in a diagram that reveals a wax atomizer in the hidden storage compartment on the bottom. There is also a cartridge attached at the top. Below is text explaining the function of the compartment.

The Vault battery is a great option for those on the go because it features a hidden storage compartment for an extra cartridge or wax atomizer. Let your customers know they can keep an indica cartridge in the storage compartment so their sativa can be easily switched out in the evening. It’s compatible with all 510 thread cartridges or attachments, making it an option for most of your customers.


Ooze Duplex

The rainbow Ooze Duplex

 Dual Extract Vape battery is shown with all the accessories displayed to the left. These include a wax atomizer that is open and an empty chrome oil cartridge. The trigger button has been removed to reveal the temperature levels underneath. Below is text explaining the function of the device.

This multi-tasking battery is perfect for both wax and oil users. The Duplex features a magnetic thread to connect the device, oil tank and quartz tank, and is compatible with a range of product-specific coils and cartridges. If that’s not enough to convince your customers, the Duplex was voted Best Vaporizer by High Times at the Michigan Cannabis Cup.


Ooze Drought Dry Herb Vaporizer

2 chrome Ooze Drought dry herb vaporizers are shown, with one standing straight up and the other laying on its side to the right with the mouthpiece taken off to reveal the inner chamber. Below is text explaining the function of the device.

You’ll also have those customers that love to stick to their flower and nothing else. A great way to entice them to try something new is with the Drought dry herb vaporizer. It’s cleaner than smoking flower out of a bong or bowl, because it avoids combustion and gently heats the material instead. It also produces a much milder aroma than directly burning the flower, making it a discreet alternative.


We recommend displaying your rainbow of battery options up front by the register. It’s a great way to catch their attention (ooh, shiny!) and can be an easy last-minute up-sell. Most people who use vape batteries have more than one. In case yours fails, it’s nice to have a backup. Plus, many people use different vaporizers for different materials—one for oil, and one for wax with an atomizer attachment. You can also carry Ooze USB Smart Chargers by the register. Chargers can get lost easily, plus it’s nice to have backups for the car or backpack. An Ooze pen also makes a great accessory for any outfit, and with so many color options, customers can grab multiple to match all their favorite clothes.


Our vape batteries are affordable, so it won’t seem like much extra on top of their original purchase. You can also inform them about Ooze’s Warranty Program—a  warranty for a number of our batteries. Your customers will be more willing to spend a few extra bucks if they know they’re protected by a warranty if anything goes awry.


Time to dust off your battery shelf and breathe new life into your vape selection! You’ll draw in new customers and upsell loyal ones who will be thrilled you offer some of the best vape devices on the market.


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