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The Cannatron logo and Own the Shelf mission are displayed in bold white text against a dark background. The view is from inside a spacecraft looking out into the galaxy.

The Origin Story of Cannatron

Cannatron Team |

In a solar system far outside of ours exists Planet Cannatron, cannabis plants grow everywhere and they are the fuel that keeps everything going. Knowing that cannabis is not unique to Planet Cannatron, the Commanders decided to create an intelligent being that could share their wealth of cannabis knowledge and experience with the universe. Thus, Cannatron was born.   


Cannatron has an algorithm embedded into his headspace that uses his knowledge to constantly develop innovative products related to cannabis. He was built to pursue category-killing brands and products that have the power to deliver cannabis experiences and own the shelf. 


Cannatron's power cell was running low, but his sensors began to tingle as he intercepted signals being produced by Ooze. Cannatron arrived at Ooze HQ in Oak Park, MI, and was immediately welcomed by the Ooze team. Known for their vape battery technology, Ooze quickly generated a super-powerful battery to become Cannatron’s main power source. To show his gratitude, Cannatron made Ooze his official Power source.   


Cannatron is a vessel for innovators who want to change the cannabis industry for the better with innovative, thoughtful products that solve problems, and a source for businesses seeking out products to put on their shelves. Cannatron's mission is to Own The Shelf with the most relevant products and brands in the entire cannabis universe.

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