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The Cannatron House Brand structure shows the large Cannatron horizontal logo and Own the Shelf tagline. Underneath are the 6 house brands in order: Ooze, King Palm, Truweigh, Stache, Happy Kit, and Loud Lock.

Welcome to Cannatron!

Cannatron Team |

The Power Team here at Cannatron could not be more excited to welcome you into our world! Cannatron is our brand new company name, but our foundation of exceptional service and customer care was established by our founding company, Ooze Wholesale. 

Who Was Ooze Wholesale? 

The entire Ooze Wholesale team is gathered in the old showroom and are wearing matching black shirts with pink Ooze logos. In the center is the director from the Shades of Pink Foundation holding a large check for $4,800 which was the Ooze donation.

Founded in 2015 by the four founding partners, it all started with a battery. Not impressed by the cheap, generic vape batteries that flooded the market, they decided to come together to create a brand of vaporizer batteries that customers could trust for quality and accountability. Thus, the Ooze brand was born. 

This new business was run out of a 2,000sqft warehouse with just the four founders as staff. As the Ooze brand grew to accommodate an entire product line that spans most cannabis accessory categories, Ooze expanded into Ooze Wholesale, the distribution side of the business. 

Not only did the Ooze Wholesale team created the Loud Lock brand of cannabis packaging supplies, they also established exclusive distributor rights with a variety of different brands in the space. These became Ooze Wholesale’s House Brands, which include King PalmTruweigh, Stache, and Happy Kit. 

The Power Team has always been very strategic when selecting which brands to bring on as House Brands. These are category-killers: one amazing brand that is outdoing all competitors in their lane. It would be counterproductive to stock your shelves with a similar product next to that selected brand; customers are always going to choose the killer. 

As Ooze Wholesale continued picking up House Brands, their team and warehouse expanded as well. Inc. 500 named Ooze Wholesale on the list of the country’s fastest-growing companies in both 2019 and 2020. Currently, the business operates with over 200,000sqft of warehouse space and nearly 100 employees. The team is ready to take the next big leap into an even bigger presence in the industry. 

Why Did Ooze Wholesale Make the Switch to Cannatron? 

The Ooze tradeshow booth is set up and being visited live at a show. There is a group of people gathered around the front table, and a few people browsing the shelves behind them and to the right.

The Ooze brand and logo has become a recognizable image in the industry, so much so that new customers are often confused to learn that Ooze Wholesale offers so many non-Ooze brands and products. To put it simply, the Ooze Wholesale name puts the business in a box that the company has outgrown. 

A rendering of the updated Cannatron tradeshow booth. It still has the Ooze booth section, with a center Cannatron part and other house brands represented

Cannatron is a House of Brands rather than a branded house. Ooze was the brand that started it all, and remains at the top of Cannatron’s structure. The Power Team will continue to pursue new partnership-based relationships with category-killing brands to create a marketplace that has everything our customers are looking for. 

How Would a Category-Killer Affect My Store? 

When you create an account with Cannatron, you’re joining a community that seeks out progress and innovation in an industry that is flooded with subpar, nonperforming products. The Cannatron Power Team puts in the legwork of selecting the top-tier brands that blow all their competitors out of the water. 

When you choose to place a category-killer's product on your shelves, you’re setting yourself up for long term success. These products are proven revenue-generators that will continuously sell again and again. These staples will become your major money-makers that allow you to experiment with the rest of your shelf space. Cannatron’s extensive product selection includes tons of innovative, little-known yet up-and-coming brands and products that are suspected to be the next killers. Who knows, you just may be one of the first to bring Cannatron’s next category-killer to the shelf! 

Let’s Work Together 

The new Cannatron tradeshow booth is fully assembled at Champs Las Vegas

Cannatron’s extensive network is made up of more than 8,000 smoke shops and 500 distributors across the country. The Power Team brings players from all different niches together to weed out and lift up the indisputable, genuinely great products that the industry has to offer. 

When you work with Cannatron, you Own the Shelf. 



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