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What is Delta-8 THC? Your Questions Answered

What is Delta-8 THC? Your Questions Answered

Samantha Catrambone |

Delta 8 is creating quite a buzz in the cannabis industry. It’s the hottest thing in the legal market right now and with good reason! So what exactly is Delta-8 THC? Delta 8 is a psychoactive cannabis compound found in the cannabis plant. It has a similar chemical makeup to its famous older cousin Delta 9, the cannabinoid we all know as THC. The genetic difference between the two is a shift of one single carbon (Delta 8 having a double bond on the 8th carbon in its chain and Delta 9 having a double bond on the 9th carbon in its chain).

Under United States federal law, this tiny shift creates a huge shift in the legality of the two cannabinoids. With similar psychoactive effects to Delta 9 THC, cannabis entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the Delta 8 loophole by selling Delta 8 cartridges, flower, distillates, and edibles in states where hemp possession is legal.

Is Delta-8 THC legal?

The legality of Delta 8 is hazy. Under the 2018 Federal Farm Bill, the distinction between marijuana and hemp is based on the plant’s Delta 9 THC levels. Any plant with under 0.3% Delta 9 THC falls into the legal hemp category while any plant with over 0.3% Delta 9 THC falls into the illegal marijuana category. This means that any cannabinoid derived from hemp falls within this definition, creating a legal loophole for selling Delta 8. However, 12 states have already created laws making Delta 8 illegal.

  • Illegal: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Utah.
  • Legal: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

It is also important to note that Delta 8 will show up on a drug test because tests will not differentiate between the two cannabinoids. In either case, CBD and Delta 8 products might contain enough Delta 9 to cause a person to fail a drug test.

Will Delta-8 THC get you high?

A young white woman with curly brown hair is holding a joint in one hand and a lighter in the other hand. She is wearing a white blouse and has metallic gray nail polish. Just her hands and chest are shown.

Unlike CBD, Delta 8 is psychoactive and produces a similar yet less potent euphoric high to Delta 9 THC. The science on the subject is limited but, people have reported that the Delta 8 high doesn’t cause the same paranoia as its more intense older cousin. Instead, users describe an anxiety-free, clear-headed high that leaves you elevated, calm, and giggly. Delta 8 also has similar medical benefits to Delta 9 such as reduced nausea and pain relief. For anyone with high anxiety or a low tolerance, Delta 8 might be the high you’ve been dreaming of!

Is Delta-8 THC safe?

According to the National Cancer Institute, delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol contains many medicinal benefits such as being antiemetic, anxiolytic, appetite-stimulating, analgesic, and containing neuroprotective properties. Although Delta 8 seems like a promising cannabis alternative, the research on Delta 8 is limited. Until further testing is done, confirming that the cannabinoid is completely safe for human consumption isn't possible. However, evidence shows that no measurable harm has been linked to Delta 8 consumption so far. 

Where is Delta-8 available?

Delta 8 can be found online, in hemp shops, and in places where CBD is sold. Delta 8 can be infused into cartridges, flowers, distillates, and edibles. If customers come in asking about accessories to pair with their Delta 8, below are several pairing suggestions:

Delta-8 Concentrate Cartridges

Concentrate cartridges containing Delta 8 distillate have quickly become the preferred method of Delta 8 consumption. When purchasing, it’s important look for certain factors such as clarity and color to ensure you’re getting a premium product that only contain ingredients found naturally in hemp. Most Delta 8 carts are 510 thread and designed to be universally compatible with a wide array of batteries.

A white female hand with red nails and a black long sleeve shirt with a thumb hole is holding the black Ooze Slim Twist Pro above a gray tile floor. The wax pen has a matching matte atomizer for delta 8 concentrate.

We suggest pairing a Delta 8 cartridge with the Slim Twist Pro, so customers will have the option to use a pre-filled cartridge or fill with distillate. If a customer is looking for a sleek and stylish smoking experience, we suggest using the Ooze Quad. It has multiple heat settings and an automatic shut-off function for added protection.

Delta-8 Distillate

Delta 8 distillate is derived from hemp and can be used many different ways. You can dab it out of a rig, fill a pen, add it to a joint, or add a drop under your tongue. Dabbing Delta-8 distillate provides similar relief to Delta 9 THC without being as overwhelming. When purchasing, it is crucial to get Delta 8 distillate that is free of bleaching agents and any other harmful additives.

A white female hand is holding the black Ooze Drought Dry Herb Vaporizer in front of a bouquet of red and white flowers. The digital screen is on, and it is held on a slight angle.

Delta-8 Flower

Although the typical cannabis plant only contains a small quantity of Delta 8, growers have created an infusion process that involves spraying hemp with Delta 8 distillate. This process results in potent Delta 8 flower that offers a relaxing head high and health benefits such as nausea relief. For a smooth smoking experience, we suggest pairing Delta 8 flower with the Drought Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit. This compact and easy-to-use vaporizer is perfect to take on the go.

Delta-8 Gummies

For those with respiratory issues or a sweet tooth, Delta 8 gummies are a great option to experience a smoke-free high. We suggest keeping some Delta 8 gummies in a Ooze Traveler Smell Proof Wristlet so they are always close by!

With all emerging ways to find Delta 8, it’s no wonder the hemp-derived cannabinoid is quickly gaining popularity. Although 12 states have already caught on to this legal loophole, Delta 8 is still being sold legally in 38 states! Move over Delta 9 THC, it's time for Delta 8's turn in the spotlight as the first legal cannabis buzz.

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