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What is a Dab Straw?

What is a Dab Straw?

Layne Alfred |

Dab Straws are an up-and-coming product category that your customers might already be asking for. Just in case you’re not up on the trend, dab straws are handy little devices that make it easy to take concentrates on the go, because they can be used with a small butane torch lighter instead of a big torch. Even electric dab straws are making a splash in the dabbing world because they take the torch out of the equation completely. One thing’s for sure: if you don’t have dab straws, potential customers are purchasing them elsewhere.


What is a dab straw and how is it used?

A torch is heating up the glass nail of the Ooze Slugger Dabbin' Dugout silicone nectar collector kit. 

Also referred to as a vertical dab rig or honey straw, the dab straw involves less parts than a typical dab rig, making it convenient to transport. It’s essentially a straw component, which can be glass, silicone, metal or even wood, and an attachable quartz or titanium nail. Once the nail is heated up, the dab straw goes directly into the wax in its container. This means all that’s needed is a dab straw, wax and a handheld torch lighter to dab on the go.


The dab straw setup is also a great option for customers who don’t like the excessive cleanup of a dab rig. When you’re finished, pop the lid on your wax container, give the nail a quick wipe-down and you’re good to go. Along with providing a much easier setup, having just three detachable parts makes cleaning a breeze.


A tub of White Rhino nectar collector replacement glass tips is shown in a smoke shop

Just like a regular dab rig's banger, the parts of the dab straw that get heated up and touch the extract will need to be replaced over time. Stocking up on replacement nails is a great idea. It leads to easy upselling if you suggest a customer stock up when they buy a new dab straw, and repeat purchases when they need a new replacement pack.


How should I stock Dab Straws in my store?


Ooze Dab Straws

 Three Ooze Slugger Dabbin' Dugout nectar collector kits are shown on a shelf. The red, black and gray Slugger is out of the box.

If you’re not sure where to start in ordering dab straws for your shelves, Ooze has everything you need. The Slugger Dabbin’ Dugout is their classic dabbing travel kit in a convenient (and discreet) storage container. Everything has a place in the silicone box, so sticky pieces stay together but away from surfaces. It includes a quartz nail, titanium nail, silicone dab straw and a glass bowl. It’s always a good idea to have a complete collection of dabbing tools!


The Ooze Pronto electric nectar collector being dipped into a jar of concentrate

We also recommend stocking up on the Pronto, which is a handheld electric dab straw. For your super low-maintenance dabbers, they’ll want a dab straw they can use without a torch or lighter at all.


The Pixie Dream Ooze Mojo hybrid piece is shown being used as a nectar collector.

For those who enjoy wax and flower, our 4-in-1 hybrid pieces all include a dab straw function, complete with a titanium nail. Use it fully assembled as a bong or dab rig and break it down to the dab straw to take with you. Additionally, the Ooze x Stache ConNectar device has a coil tip and a 510 thread straw attachment to instantly transform it from a vape into a dab straw. Having a couple hybrid options is a way to ease vape or bud lovers into the world of wax.



Other Dab Straw Favorites

 Two versions of Happy Dab Kits are shown on a smoke shop shelf.

If you’ve had requests for specific types of dab straws, we also carry options from a handful of other brands. Happy Kit dab kits are another option for dab straw setups complete with wax containers to dab straight from and a honey straw collector. Some kit combinations even include a travel torch lighter.


Three Arsenal Gear AR-15 electric nectar collectors are shown on a smoke shop shelf.

Another option for torchless dabs is Arsenal Gear’s electric dab straw, which is literally shaped like an AR-15. Talk about a conversation starter, and definitely stands out on a shelf!


A green ALeaf glass nectar collector kit is shown open in a smoke shop.

It’s a good idea to also have a variety of singular dab straws available for replacement, like ALeaf’s glass dab straws with quartz tips (which are also available in their kits), or Honey Dabber’s wooden dab straws with both titanium and quartz nails. We also love these simple 3.5” glass pieces that fit 10mm nails for a quick upsell—they’re also the most affordable option for travel dabs.


A row of assorted colors of 3.5" glass nectar collectors is on a black smoke shop shelf.

Make sure to pick some popular products for each style of dab straws, from the simplest glass straws to the most unique pieces. Check out all of our options for dab staws and get stocked up today!


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