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Best Dab Rigs for Your Shop: Wholesale Dab Rig Guide

Best Dab Rigs for Your Shop: Wholesale Dab Rig Guide

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Dabs have become a huge part of the cannabis industry because they are an efficient, essentially odorless, and potent way to consume THC. With dab straws, wax pens, and dabbing dugouts, there are many ways to smoke concentrates on the market today. However, there is one device that reigns supreme among dab enthusiasts; the dab rig.

Although intimidating to newbies, dab rigs are the best way to maximize the effects of cannabis concentrates. Dab rigs require a bit of practice but they are well worth it because of their instantaneous effects. Customers will come in looking to find the perfect dab rig, so it's crucial for smoke shop owners to thoughtfully curate their store’s dab rig inventory. However, it can be hard to know where to start, what brands are popular, and what wholesale smoke shop distributor to purchase from. Luckily, this dab rig guide will dive into all the hard-hitting questions you and your customers might have about dab rigs. This way, you can help match customers with the best dab rig for their preferences!

What is a Dab Rig? 

A dab rig is essentially a bong made for concentrates. Instead of packing flower into a bong bowl, dabs get loaded into a banger or dab nail. Both devices use water vapor to enhance and cool down the smoking session. Dab rigs can be made from many different materials but are primarily made out of glass or quartz. Compared to regular weed, Dabs also have a significantly higher melting point and need more heat than a standard lighter can produce. So, investing in a torch or an electronic nail is a key part of smoking dabs out of a rig.

As a smoke shop owner, displaying all the necessary dab rig components next to one another is a great up-selling opportunity for your customers just getting into the dabbing game. Below, we will provide an in-depth explanation of each dab rig part and dab tools so you can show your customers how a dab rig works!

Anatomy of a Dab Rig

A large glass dab rig sits on a shelf in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

Since a dab rig is a combination of tools and accessories used to smoke dabs, your customers might have questions about how to build their dabbing kit. Let's dive into each part of the dab rig and its specific function.


The rig is the foundation that contains the water chamber and the connection for the banger. Some rig foundations can be used for both dab rigs and bongs since the only thing that needs to be swapped out is the banger and bowl. A rig should be stable, sturdy, and durable since it's the biggest piece of the dab rig. Usually, when you purchase a rig, it will come with a matching banger.

Banger (Dab Nail)

A banger is the part of the dab rig that gets loaded with concentrates and is then heated with a torch. This dab attachment is usually made out of glass, quartz, ceramic, or titanium because bangers need to withstand a ton of heat. Most stoners prefer quartz bangers because they hold up over time and provide great flavor.

Carb Cap

A carb cap is a little hat for the banger that helps trap heat and reduce pressure during the smoke session. Carp caps are also usually made from glass, ceramic, quartz, or titanium. They will cover the top of the nail and provide a more efficient smoke session!


A dabber is a tool that is used to handle dabs. Dabs are super sticky, so it's essential to use a dabber or a hot knife to pick one up and drop it in the banger. A hot knife is an electronic dabber that heats up in order to easily pick up and load dabs. Handling dabs without a dabber is dangerous and we do not recommend it.


As mentioned earlier, Dabs have a significantly higher melting point than regular flower. So, a torch is a necessary dab rig element that needs to be used to heat the banger. If your customers try to use a regular lighter, they will be unsuccessful.


Instead of manually heating the banger with a blow torch and waiting for it to reach a good temperature, you can use an e-nail. An electronic nail lets you dial in a precise temperature and then electronically heat the nail to the exact temperature you chose. It's a great option to offer customers that are intimidated by the thought of using an open flame.

How Does a Dab Rig Work?

Although there are many dab rigs on the market, their instructions will all be relatively similar. Luckily, this means you can explain to your customers how a dab rig works, and they can apply those instructions to most dab rigs on your shelves.

Especially since the technique, cost, and dab tools involved in purchasing a dab rig can overwhelm first-timers, it's important to provide step-by-step instructions at the point of purchase. With these simple instructions, you will be able to ease that initial anxiety and turn all your customers into pros:

How To Use a Dab Rig: Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Prepare a Safe Space

This might sound weird, but preparing a safe space for the smoke session is a vital first step in ensuring an excellent dabbing experience. Whenever an open flame is involved, make sure to have anything flammable a safe distance away. This means pulling long hair back, stepping away from any curtains, and examining all potential hazards of the area.

Although this seems extreme, it's always better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, we recommend suggesting the purchase of a dab mat to your customers. This way, they can have a designated spot for their dab tools and accessories.

Step 2: Heat the Banger

The flame of a torch is being used to heat up a glass banger

Now that a proper dabbing station is set up, it's time to heat up the nail or banger. Take the torch and direct the flame onto the base of the banger but away from the rest of the rig. Now, heat up the dab nail until it starts to turn red. By doing this, small particles will be burned off, and the surface will be as hot as possible.

Step 3: Allow the Banger to Cool

A white woman's hand is hovering above a glass banger in a dab rig to see how hot the glass is.

It may sound contradictory but to smoke a dab, cooling down the nail is essential; otherwise, scorching the dab becomes a risk. Generally, it takes approximately 30-60 seconds for a banger to cool. However, this will require some practice because the perfect cool-down time will change depending on the thickness and material of the banger. If any of your customers seem overwhelmed or confused with this aspect of the process, we recommend showing them electric dab rigs and e-nails!

Step 4: Drop the Dab on the Banger's Surface and Inhale the Vapor

A dab tool is inserted into a glass banger to show how to load in a dab.

After the banger has cooled, place the dab on the surface of the banger using a dabber or a hot knife, and inhale slowly. The inhale should be slower than taking a bong rip because the smoke will build even though the dab will vaporize quickly.

Step 5: Place a Carb Cap on the banger (optional)

A diamond carb cap is sitting on the top of a banger.

If your customer has a carp cap on hand, tell them to place it on the banger to trap all of the heat. When it's time to clear the chamber, they will need to lift the carb cap. This process is similar to smoking a bowl and holding the ​​carb hole while the hit builds.

Different Types of Dab Rigs

When dabbing hit the mainstream cannabis market, tons of manufacturers began to produce them. Today, there are countless sellers claiming to have the best dab rigs for sale. This can be overwhelming when stocking your store. Below, we will discuss the main dab rig categories that all smoke shop owners should have on their radar.

Glass Dab Rigs

A variety of glass dab rigs are lined up on a smoke shop shelf.

Glass is one of the most widely used materials for making cannabis utensils like bongs and dab rigs are no different. It's an excellent material for dab rigs because it is easy to clean, provides a good flavor, and can be blown into many designs for added functionality. However, glass is a highly fragile material, so choosing glass dab rigs for your shop made with borosilicate glass is essential.

Borosilicate glass is made with a chemical compound called boron trioxide, making the material less breakable. It has a low thermal expansion coefficient, meaning it doesn't crack under extreme temperature changes like standard glass. This makes it a perfect base for a dab rig for anyone who prefers the hot-start dabbing method. We recommend storing glass bong cleaner next to your glass dab rig display for an easy upselling opportunity.

Silicone Dab Rigs

Ooze Hyborg silicone dab rigs are lined up on a smoke shop shelf.

Since glass is breakable, innovative cannabis accessory companies have created hybrid silicone glass dab rigs. These hybrid dab rigs fuse the durability of silicone with the functionality of glass, creating a fantastic dabbing experience. They are an excellent option for clumsy stoners who worry about purchasing a glass rig. We recommend stocking silicone hybrid dab rigs in your store that use food-grade silicone and borosilicate glass for maximum durability.

Quartz Dab Rigs

The Ooze Quartz Toxic Barrel Mini Rig is being held in a white woman's hand.

Quartz is the preferred material in the cannabis community for bangers because of its ability to heat up quickly and retain heat longer. When cannabis accessory companies made this discovery, dab rigs made entirely of quartz hit the market. Quartz dab rigs are not only great for retaining heat, but they also are great for cold-start dabbing. Cold-start dabbing refers to heating the banger after loading it with dabs. This material also preserves the terpenes and creates a flavorful dab. We recommend stocking quartz dab rigs in your store for customers that prefer the cold-start method and flavorful dabs.

Mini Dab Rigs

MJ Arsenal mini dab rigs are lined up together on a smoke shop shelf.

Terpenes start degrading as soon as they touch the air when they're vaporized. Less air inside the rig leads to more flavorful dabs! With a mini rig, you preserve as many delicate terpenes as possible. For dabs, it's not as effective to milk your hit in the rig for a long time as it can be when using a flower in a bong. Mini Dab Rigs are also some of the most affordable dab rigs, making them a great option to have in-store for customers with a low budget!

Electric Dab Rigs

The silver Ooze Comet Mini Electric Dab Rig is shown in its original box outside in front of an evergreen tree.

Electric Dab Rigs, also known as 'E-rigs,' fuse the capability of a regular dab rig with the modern tech used to create vapes. This technology allows stoners to smoke dabs without a torch, allowing them to control the temperature throughout their smoke session. Electric dab rigs are growing in popularity in the cannabis community despite their high price tag. Having a few electric dab rigs in stock is essential to corning the market on savvy dabbers looking to invest!

Frequently Asked Questions about Dab Rigs

When customers come into your store hoping to purchase a dab rig, they are bound to have some questions. Luckily, some of these will be the same and you can provide them with helpful answers!

Are Smaller Rigs Better for Dabs?

An Ooze Mini Dab Rig in the Ocean Recycler Series is held by the recycler loop

When it comes to bongs, bigger is better because it enhances filtration for massive smooth rips. However, when it comes to dabbing, bigger isn’t always better. The terpenes in concentrates start degrading as soon as they touch the air so, less air means more flavor when it comes to dabbing. So the answer is yes, mini dab rigs provide a more flavorful and overall better-dabbing experience than their larger counterparts. 

Are Dab Rigs Worth It?

For anyone who enjoys smoking dabs, getting a dab rig is worth it. Dab rigs can actually save stoners money over time because they require less concentrates for the same effects as dab pens. They also are easy to clean and are great for anyone who enjoys the ritual of a detailed smoking process.

Does a Dab Rig Get you Higher than a Bong?

Dab rig hits will get you higher than bong hits because dabs are higher in THC than regular flower. On average, the standard marijuana strain has anywhere from 15-25% THC. In comparison, cannabis concentrates have an average potency of around 75-80%. This is why dab rigs get you higher than a bong so they are a great option for stoners with a high tolerance.

Which Dab Rig is Best?

Depending on customer preferences, many different dab rigs can be the best. Glass dab rigs are the best for potency and hot-start dabbing. Quartz dab rigs are the best for cold-start dabbing and maximum flavor. Mini dab rigs are the best for travel and preserving terpenes. Electronic dab rigs are the best for controlling temperature and reducing health risks. We recommend asking customers what attributes they are looking for in their dabbing experience before pairing them with the best dab rig for their specific needs! 

Top Brands for the Best Dab Rigs and Dab Rig Tools


Ooze is a high-quality cannabis accessory brand that is known for its best-selling vape pen batteries. However, they also make a fantastic line of mini dab rigs. We recommend stocking their Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig, which is made entirely from Quartz. It's a fantastic option for customers that love flavorful dabs and cold-start dabbing. They also sell a mini electric dab rig called the Ooze Comet. This fantastic device makes it easy for customers to take hits on the go without spending an arm and a leg on an expensive e-rig.

The Ooze Hot Knife is being used to load a dab into the Toxic Barrel quartz mini rig.

In addition, Ooze also sells some fantastic dab rig tools like the Hot Knife that enhance the dabbing experience. We recommend carrying their products because customers will ask for them by name. Plus, Cannatron has exclusive distributor pricing on all Ooze products so you can give your customers the best deal.

Stache Products

A shelf full of all colors of the Stache Rio Rig-in-One dab rig

Stache Products is an innovative cannabis company that created the revolutionary all-in-one dab rig. This product is an excellent high-end purchase for customers that want an easy dabbing experience. The Stache Rio from Stache Products is arguably the best portable dab rig on the market. It doesn't rely on coils but is instead all-mechanical, which makes it easy to use. Plus, Cannatron has exclusive distributor pricing on all Stache products so, you can hook your customer up.

White Rhino

A white woman is holding a jar of blue terp pearls and a red terp slurper set from White Rhino

Although White Rhino doesn't sell dab rigs, they do have some amazing dabbing accessories that your customers will love. From glow-in-the-dark terp pearls to a glass spinner carb carp, White Rhino has fantastic options that enhance the dab rig experience. This is also an easy upselling opportunity. Plus, Cannatron has exclusive distributor pricing so you can maximize your profit margin!

Where to Buy Wholesale Dab Rigs

Before buying wholesale dab rigs and bulk dab tools from any online wholesale smoke shop distributor, we recommend finding a wholesale smoking accessories distributor like Cannatron with exclusive distributor pricing on popular brands. Cannatron even has different pricing tiers, so you can maximize your profits while giving your customers the best dab rig selection imaginable! 

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