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2 Products
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  • Ooze Wall Clock – Chroma
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  • Ooze Stainless Steel 18oz Water Bottle with Straw Ooze Stainless Steel 18oz Water Bottle with Straw
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  • Keep customers coming back for C-Core 


Shop Ooze Wholesale Vapes & Weed Accessories  

Ooze is a popular cannabis accessory brand based in Michigan that provides customers with high-quality products they can trust at competitive prices. The founders of Ooze started the brand when vapes were first introduced because only mediocre options were available. Recognizing this gap in the market, they created a long-lasting vape pen with exceptional battery life and built-in safety features that customers could count on.

Today, Ooze boasts innovative products in every cannabis accessory category, with a loyal fan base who proudly embrace the Ooze life. From their best-selling vape batteries and industry-leading warranty program to the innovative technology in their products, stocking up on wholesale weed accessories from Ooze is a must for every smoke shop, dispensary, or convenience store.

Pushing the Boundaries of Product Innovation: Ooze C-Core Collection 

Ooze pushes the boundaries of innovation by creating products that incorporate cutting-edge technology not available anywhere else.

Their Ooze C-Core Collection features a revolutionary clean ceramic power source designed to enhance efficiency, flavor, and cloud production. This delivers a seamless vaping experience for concentrates and flower that effortlessly outperforms higher-priced competitors every time.

Industry-Leading Ooze Warranty Program Saves You Time & Money 

Every Ooze product is backed by the Ooze Warranty Program, ensuring that your customers can trust in the quality of their purchases. The brand takes pride in standing by the quality of its products with an industry-leading guarantee.

If your customer has trouble with their Ooze device, all you have to do is direct them to the Ooze Warranty Program, and they take care of the rest. This saves you time and money because you won't have to deal with customer returns!

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