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Ugly House Hand Painted Dab Tools Collection Two Designs Counter Display – 15ct
Ooze Dab Tool + Silicone Sleeve - Assorted colors - 30ct
Stache Products Rig In One
Stache Products Rig In One
Aqua Silicone Nectar Collector
Aqua Silicone Nectar Collector Camo Smoke Accessories
Happy Kit - Dab - Black
Ooze Silicone Dab Mat
Ooze Silicone Dab Mat Accessories
Happy Kit - Deluxe - Dry Herb - Black
White Rhino Terp Balls - 100ct
White Rhino Terp Balls - 100Ct Citrine Smoke Accessories
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Cannatron is stocked with a huge selection of high-quality dab rigs, electric rigs, bangers, dabbers, dab mats, torches, and dab accessories. Select from the top brands in the game like Pulsar, Stache, and Happy Kit. Your customers will love a fully stocked assortment of premium dab rigs and dab accessories to choose from.