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Best Cannabis Products for Sale

Best Cannabis Products for Sale

Samantha Catrambone |

Convenience stores are a one-stop shop for on-the-go essentials. Whether your customers are having a late-night craving, filling up their tank, or are just driving by, they can count on you to have all the necessities at one convenient stop. Cannatron is dedicated to offering the same convenience and accessibility to our customers that your store provides to yours. 

Most convenience stores are often strategically located in urban areas, along busy roads, or even part of gas stations. Like their strategic locations, there is also an optimal way to organize and purchase products for the store. Making sure your inventory is stocked with must-haves, best sellers, and why-nots is the most important convenience store rule!

Convenience store best sellers

What are the top selling products at a convenience store?

Convenience store products can be divided into several categories such as snacks, drinks, groceries, ready-to-eat food, alcohol, on-the-go cleaning supplies, medicine, magazines, lottery tickets, toiletries, and more. Out of everything you can buy at a convenience store, tobacco, vape, and other smoking products are the best-selling. Lucky for you, we have the products your top customers are looking for so, you can have the best displays around!

Point-of-Purchase Displays   

At Cannatron, we have tons of amazing displays from top brands that your customers are asking for. We suggest going with point-of-purchase displays because they are the easiest and most natural to have on hand. This way, your employees can focus on ringing in customers while being able to stock the shelves with ease. 

Ooze Displays

Our Ooze Displays are packed with best-selling products that are ideal for concentrates, tobacco, and essential oils. This makes Ooze displays the perfect choice for your store! We suggest grabbing displays for the bestselling Ooze Slim Twist Vape Battery, the Standard 650, 900,1100 mAh 510 Battery Display and an Ooze Charger Tub to go with them. Show your customers an eye-catching display they can’t pass up with high-quality vaping products they already were looking for. Each item in the display is high-quality, fair-priced, and convenient for anyone on the go so they can make quick decisions and be out the door.

 Three Ooze displays are lined up against a white background. From left to right, they are the Slim Twist Vape Pen battery 48ct Acrylic display, the Twist battery display, and the smart USB charger tub. 

King Palm Displays

Our King Palm displays are also full of bestselling items your customers will be searching for on the shelves. King Palm products are unlike any other wraps on the market. They are free of tobacco, chemical additives, preservatives, and glue, so you can reach that batch of customers looking for something new to smoke. With tons of new roll flavors like Gelato Cream, Peach Tree, and Cherry Charm, your customers will be overcome with excitement for their next smoke session. Plus, Cannatron carries an extensive selection of standard-size rolls in tons of unique flavors like Mango OG, as well as tons of unflavored options. We suggest grabbing some King Palm Crystal Roach Clip displays as well so your customers have tons of options!

King Palm Gelato Cream Blunt Wrap DisplayKing Palm Crystal Clip DisplayKing Palm Mango OG Wrap Display

Ooze and King Palm Wrap Displays are the best-selling convenience store products that your customers are already looking for. Our Ooze and King Palm Wrap displays are packed full of various products that consumers may need or even impulsively purchase just because they happen to be in your store. Plus, these are brands that your customers will be asking for by name, so it's important to make sure you have enough to accommodate their needs.

Top Brand Displays  

Cannatron is stocked with tons of other Point of Purchase displays from top brands like RAW, Clipper and Zig-Zag. These are great options to have for your customers as they are household names that will be instantly recognized in your store. Here are our top picks for each brand: 

Raw Display 

RAW makes the most iconic rolling papers in the world, free of GMO’s, bleach, burning additives, chalks, and dyes. These rolling papers are made with organic Acacia gum, a sustainably harvested tree resin. Your customers will be asking for RAW papers by name so, it's important to stock your shelves with RAW products! We suggest stocking up on the 1 ¼ Classic Display and a 1 ¼ Classic Black Display to give your customers a good variety of rolling papers to choose from.

RAW 1 1/14 Classic Rolling Paper Display RAW 1 1/14 Black Ultra Thin Rolling Paper Display


Zig Zag Display 

For over 140 years, Zig-Zag has created innovative rolling products that customers can’t get enough of. At Cannatron, we have a massive selection of Zig Zag rolling products to choose from that are perfect for convivence stores. We suggest stocking up on the classic slow-burning display and the king-size cone display to set your customers up for success. Set these displays on your counter and your customers can help themselves with the dispensing design of the package.

Zig Zag Orange Rolling Paper Display  King Palm Cone Display

Clipper Display 

Made of high-performance plastic that is flexible, uncrackable, and self-extinguishable, Clipper lighters are designed to outperform any typical lighter. Plus, every Clipper lighter comes with a packing tool your customers will love to use during their smoke session. This 96ct Psychedelic Display is an excellent way to give your customers tons of options while taking up minimal counter space! You can also grab a smaller count options if you prefer!

 Ooze Clipper Display Psychedelic Clipper Lighter Display- 48ct Hippie

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