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Partner Brand Highlight: Why Choose Happy Kit?

Partner Brand Highlight: Why Choose Happy Kit?

Samantha Catrambone |

Happy Kit is on a mission to help customers carry cannabis safely by creating portable stoner kits equipped with everything one needs for a premium smoke session. Designed with water-resistant, shockproof, and smell-proof cases, Happy Kit effortlessly combines functionality and convenience. When we select companies to add to Cannatron’s Partnered Brands, it's because they align with the values we have as a company. Happy Kit’s approach to creating an easy yet fun user experience is one of the many reasons we are proud to have them in the family.

Happy Kit in Pink on Kayak

Who is Happy Kit?

Founded by Moshe Klar, Happy Kit has been creating the ultimate travel stoner kits for quite some time now. Each kit is designed to come with a complete set of stoner essentials so your customers are always ready for the sesh. Klar’s main goal in creating this company was to bring happiness and smiles to his customers, which is something he has successfully brought to them and the cannabis industry.

Why Choose Happy Kit?

Today, Happy Kit designs tons of unique stoner kits that add happiness and convenience to any smoke session. As a Cannatron Partner Brand, we are able to give our customers the best pricing on all Happy Kit products and we have a great, expansive collection that includes the classic Happy Kit, the Very Happy Kit, and the Happy Dab Kit.

Happy Kit

The OG Happy Kit is a stoner's best friend. It comes with everything your customers need to travel and smoke, with options depending on their mood. If they are smoking alone and are looking for a quick hit, they can pack up the one-hitter. If they are looking for a bit more, they can pack up the bowl. When they are smoking with company, they can roll up with rolling papers. Your customers will love the versatility of this kit.

Happy Kit Classic with cannabis next to it

Very Happy Kit

The Very Happy Kit combines everything your customers need for the perfect smoking session with some add-ons for extra happiness. If your customer loves the Happy Kit but would like something a bit larger, the Very Happy Kit is a great option to show them.

Very Happy Kit in front of lake with sky

Happy Dab Kit

Cannabis concentrates are a huge part of the cannabis industry so, it's only natural to have a Happy Kit designed specifically for dabs. The Happy Dab Kit makes smoking dabs on the go as simple and painless as possible. The kit is equipped with a nectar collector, wax containers, and a portable torch.

Dab Kit from Happy Kit with rocks in the back

Happy Kit for Wholesale Distribution

Happy Kit products are a staple in any smoke shop, and for any smoke shop distributor. Customers come into a shop for a variety of reasons but, some walk in searching to find a gift for the stoner in their life. Happy Kit has learned how to capitalize on this share of the market by creating a smoking kit for every personal preference. Keeping Happy Kit displays stocked on your shelf is one way you can ensure you always have something to show your customers when they come in looking for a present!

The Cannatron Team is dedicated to selecting Partner Brands that further our mission, vision, and goal to own the shelf. We choose Happy Kit because it is a company that understands what it takes to create category-killing products that keep customers coming back.

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