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Industry News: Incoming Shortage of Pre-Rolled Cones

Industry News: Incoming Shortage of Pre-Rolled Cones

Layne Alfred |

With supply chain shortages and other pandemic-related delays, you’ve probably had to make some changes to your typical inventory. The latest scoop released earlier this week by High Times is that you’ll want to prioritize your pre-roll orders, because a shortage is on the horizon. This is mostly due to labor storages and global shipping delays and will affect brands across the board. Along with the decrease in supply, the demand for pre-rolls has only increased since the beginning of the pandemic.


We’re here to let you know we still have tons of pre-rolls and cones available for bulk orders, including your customers’ favorite brands like RAW, Zig ZagFuturola, King Palm, Cone Supply, and more. As you and I both know, there’s nothing worse than selling out of a product that your customers want the most. If you stock up now, your shop could be one of the only ones around with pre-roll options in a few months time—which is great for your business!


So why is this shortage occurring? The majority of the world’s cones are made in India and Indonesia, regardless of the brand. Pre-COVID, most of the cone manufacturers were in Indonesia, but factory shutdowns due to the pandemic have forced India to pick up this overflow—which includes only about 10 factories. Now, with upcoming shipping delays, it will take even longer to receive the already backlogged product you ordered. This is why it will be so important to order your pre-rolls as soon as possible and to account for the upcoming months. 


Even before the increased demand, pre-rolls and cones have always been one of the top products in dispensaries and smoke shops. Plus, they’re an easy add-on to a current sale as most of your customers have a use for them. If you carry a large variety of brands, you’re bound to convert a customer who just caught sight of their favorite pre-roll. Along with the big names like RAW and King Palm, we carry Elements, Blazy Susan and more that tend to have cult followings and will be a hit at your store.


Replenish your inventory of bulk cones before you lose your customers to another shop that planned ahead and stocked up. Add a few more bulk boxes than you normally would to make sure you’ll have enough through the shortage. Your customers will be thrilled, especially if they’re having trouble finding their favorite pre-roll anywhere else. Check out Cannatron’s entire selection and check “order pre-rolls” off your to-do list!

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