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Upselling Opportunities: New RAW Accessory Arrivals

Upselling Opportunities: New RAW Accessory Arrivals

Layne Alfred |

Sometimes you find those products that seem to sell themselves. Some lend themselves perfectly to whatever your customer came in for, and not only do they leave with more, they’ll come back for more of those perfect accessories. The brand new RAW smell-proof bags and rolling trays are a perfect upselling opportunity for any of your flower-loving customers. We’re excited to be able to provide even more from this established brand that all your visitors are sure to already know and love.


RAW Smell-Proof Storage Bags

 The black RAW Smoker's Pouch in all three sizes. The inner foil pouch is pulled out on an angle to show that it is tucked inside the black bag.

Any customer purchasing anything that has to do with flower could use a smell-proof bag. If someone is purchasing a handheld piece or rolling accessories, this is a no-brainer! No one likes to feel self-conscious about the herbaceous fumes coming from their bag when they’re in public.


The RAW storage bags have five odor-blocking layers, so it’s sure not to leak any odors. This is also a great talking point with customers, since many smell-proof bags don’t have as much “scent security.” Even if a customer isn’t already purchasing a flower-related product, everyone could always use another bag. They come in small, medium and large sizes, and each has an inner and outer bag for even more storage space—and provides a place for a secret stash.


RAW Rolling Trays

 The RAW x Boo Johnson Skate Deck rolling tray is shown. It has a dripping RAW logo, image of a French bulldog's head, and who hands sparking a joint.

In general, rolling trays are easy upsells. If you sell papers, wraps, grinders or lighters (which you probably do), chances are the customer who picks those up will need a surface to break down and roll their joint. Especially if they approach the register with RAW rolling papers, make sure to show them the RAW rolling trays. Even better than that, create a separate rolling tray display next to your RAW products, rather than grouping them with the rolling trays. RAW is one of those brands with a cult following, so a shopper in this section will be happy to see a large variety of accessories.

 The RAW Wood rolling tray is displayed on an angle in front of the canvas drawstring protective pouch.

Stock up on classic RAW rolling trays in a variety of designs and materials. We even brought in some specialty rolling trays, like the RAW Backflip magnetic rolling tray. Its two parts connect with magnets and fold into a convenient and portable bamboo smoke box! The Backflip’s carved compartments provide the perfect surface for rolling while providing space to store a lighter, grinder and rolling papers. A tray and storage compartment in one— upselling gold!


When you combine best-selling products with a renowned smoker’s brand, you’ve got the perfect upselling opportunity. So, whether you need to stock up on your store’s tried-and-true products or want to give your customers some new options, check out all our new RAW accessories!

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