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Partner Brand Highlight: Why Choose White Rhino?

Partner Brand Highlight: Why Choose White Rhino?

Samantha Catrambone |

When we select companies to bring into our House of Brands, it is because they create a unique product line we know our customers will enjoy. White Rhino products have been on Cannatron's radar for some time now, as we have been impressed with their innovation and extremely fast turnover. White Rhino knows what it takes to create category-killing products and this is one of the many reasons we are so incredibly proud to welcome them into our House of Brands.

Who is White Rhino?

White Rhino has been revolutionizing the cannabis accessory industry with one-of-a-kind products since 2011. Founded by Adnan Afridi in Salt Lake City, Utah, the innovative company has broken boundaries in the industry with category-killing products for flower, concentrates, and a combination of both. Their goal is simple, to create products that put a new spin on the classics to enhance the overall smoking experience. 

White Rhino White Box with man holding it

Why Choose White Rhino?

Today, White Rhino prides itself on pushing technology limits with high-quality products that elevate the user experience. We've seen what this brand can do so, we want to be a part of the growth and see how big White Rhino can get. Now that we control the master pricing, we are excited to have the best selection of White Rhino Products to choose from like the Flip, Dab Out, and Reclaim-It.

Flip Chillum To Straw

The White Rhino Flip is an ultra-portable piece that is compatible with both wax and flower. It is equipped with a patented, unique glass tip that can be used as a nectar collector and as a chillum. To switch between the two, all you have to do is flip it! This easy-to-use piece is something your customers can use on the go. Plus, the display could not be more eye-catching, with brightly colored silicone tubes your customers will love.

White Rhino Flip Chillum Straw

Dab Out

The Dab Out is an innovative dugout for concentrates that makes the dabbing experience accessible anywhere. Made of heat-resistant silicone, the Dab Out is an all-in-one dabbing device. The tools are housed in the silicone body, which also provides 3 separate compartments so your customers can easily store all their wax.

White Rhino Dab Out Container


Reclaim-It is a heat-resistant silicone reclaim catcher designed to capture any unused concentrates into a small silicone jar. The catcher simply goes onto the bong with the banger. This way, your customers can literally reclaim their leftover wax while reducing the overall waste that comes with the typical dabbing process!

White Rhino - Reclaim It Reclaim Catcher

White Rhino for Wholesale Distribution

White Rhino products are a staple in any smoke shop, and for any smoke shop distributor. Customers come into a shop for a variety of reasons, but a lot of them come in for staple smoke shop accessories like bangers, carp caps, and filter tips. By putting a new spin on these classic products, White Rhino has figured out how to corner the market and get customers asking for their products by name. Plus, White Rhino Point  of Purchase displays have a clean look so you can create a cohesive, organized in-store display with ease. These are shelf-ready products that will instantly catch the eye of your customers!

The Cannatron Team is dedicated to selecting Partner Brands that further our mission, vision, and goal to own the shelf. We choose White Rhino because it is a company that understands what it takes to create category-killing products that keep customers coming back.

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