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Gear Up for Stoner Month and 4/20!

Layne Alfred |

It’s time to pull out all the bongs and grinders you’ve got because our favorite holiday, 4/20, is quickly approaching! But this year is extra special—the holiday will take place in the fourth month of 2020, so for once in our lifetimes, we’ll have an entire month of 4/20! To achieve that superb smoking experience that’s obviously necessary on 4/20, more people are likely to invest in new pieces and fun smoking accessories this month.


For decades, “420” was a term used solely by younger generations of stoners until marijuana legalization began to take effect in the US. Now, it’s becoming a household term, and all kinds of demographics take this day to celebrate their favorite herb.


Since 4/20 is such a widely recognized holiday, it’s a great opportunity to host a variety of specials and sales to draw in new customers. For smoke shops, 4/20 is like Black Friday—and if you do it right, you can expect the same level of frenzy. Here are our tips on capitalizing on the month of Mary Jane!


Spread the Word

 The Ooze Wholesale 420 Sale Graphic

Start sending emails to customers and posting on social media as soon as the month starts. Your awesome sales might not be as successful if the right people aren’t aware of them. A bold graphic catches attention quickly and conveys the message in a simple, straightforward manner. Make sure the percentage off is the most prominent aspect on everything you send out to catch the recipients’ attention quickly. You can also feature specific products and point out their new, discounted prices. Step your advertising game up a notch with 4/20-themed coupon codes, graphics and subject lines.


Highlight the Essentials

 The Oozelife 420 Sale 20% off email graphic.

One way to get customers thinking about 4/20 is to discount a different type of product each week. For example, you could run a sale on batteries and cartridges the first week, dry herb devices the next week, dab rigs the next, and essential smoking accessories the last week. This keeps your customers engaged and excited for the next featured sale.


Get the Party Started


Host a 4/20 event in your store! There are a number of ways you could do this effectively and timely. Having a blowout sale on April 20 itself, or the weekend before, is a sure-fire way to excite customers and passersby. Try 20% off the entire store since it incorporates the 4/20 theme, or run a heavier discount on specific products. Another way to host a one-day or weekend event is to offer special incentives with each purchase, like a small freebie or coupon to be used at a later date.


No matter what promotions you decide on, a strong theme keeps 4/20 jubilations at the forefront of your customers’ minds throughout their entire shopping experience. Having a solid promotional plan and letting your customers know about your sales early and often will inspire all the local stoners (and newbies!) to treat themselves for the holiday at your shop. Gather up your goods, get creative and make 4/20 the best day of the year!


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