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Ooze Booster Extract Vaporizer

Ooze Booster Extract Vaporizer

Samantha Catrambone |

The cannabis vape industry has changed forever thanks to the latest Ooze products with C-Core Technology. This innovative line of devices has hit the market just in time for your 4/20 inventory restock.

We are excited to introduce one of the shiny new gadgets, the Ooze Booster, a mighty extract vaporizer powered by the Ooze C-Core Onyx Atomizer. Your concentrate customers will go crazy for the elevated vaping experience this dab pen provides. In this article, we will dive into this wax vape pen's incredible features, user instructions, cleaning instructions, and how to display it in your store for maximum effectiveness!


The NEW Ooze Booster Extract Vaporizer with C-Core Technology




The Ooze Booster is a new two-in-one wax pen vape that offers your customers the most even dab on the market using C-Core Technology. This portable vaporizer has a resistance of 0.8 ohms, which allows your customers to experience sub-ohm vaping for their dabs. To learn more about this vaping technique and why it's the best way to increase vapor production while enhancing flavor, check out our article on sub-ohm vaping.


An Ooze Dab Vape Pen Powered by the C-Core Onyx Atomizer

A closeup shot of the top of an open Ooze Booster, showing the Azul ceramic core of the Onyx Atomizer. The graphic has three temperature levels in 3 colors, and there is a dab of extract in the bucket.


One of the most significant selling points of the new Ooze Booster is its patented Ooze C-Core Onyx Atomizer, which is a smart ceramic disk with an Azul nano ceramic coating. Vapes have used ceramics since the beginning; however, this ceramic is more advanced because it contains millions of pathways with an extreme micro-porosity that helps the dab spread evenly during the heating process. This vaporizes the wax instantly, leaving no residue behind so your customers can get a fuller, cleaner, and more efficient dab!


Use the Ooze Booster as a Handheld Wax Pen or Torchless Dab Rig

A girl with colorful acrylic nails holds a red and black Ooze Booster extract vape

Another huge selling point of the Ooze Booster is its dual functionality. This unique dabbing device can be used as a handheld dab pen or inserted into a 14mm water pipe to create a torchless dab rig experience your clientele will love. It's also an incredibly easy-to-use dabbing, making this the perfect option for anyone that wants to start dabbing in 2023.

No matter what your concentrate-loving customers are looking for, the new Ooze Booster Extract Vaporizer is a portable yet powerful vape that will upgrade and streamline their next session! With excellent battery life, smart ceramic technology, and a 100% heavy metal-free vaping experience, the Ooze Booster is the perfect new dab pen to have on full display this 4/20.


How to Use the Ooze Booster Extract Vaporizer

The Ooze Booster is a straightforward dabbing device that only takes a few simple steps to set up. Plus, your customers can use it in two unique ways: wax pen or water pipe adaptor!


Booster Dab Pen Instructions

A girl with colorful acrylic nails is using a sapphire blue Ooze Twist Hot Knife to load extract into the atomizer of a blue Ooze Booster. There is an open jar of wax to her left.

  1. First, twist the mouthpiece like an ignition key to open the Booster.
  2. Next, load your dab into the C-Core Onyx Atomizer using a dab tool or hot knife.
  3. Then, replace the mouthpiece cap and click the button 5x to turn it on.
  4. Lastly, all that's left to do is select a temperature by clicking the button 3x and taking a dab!

Some of your beginner customers are probably intimated by dab rigs because using a torch can feel more intermediate. Luckily, your customers can get the same smooth dab rig experience and huge clouds without a torch using the Ooze Booster as a water pipe adaptor!


Booster Water Pipe Adaptor Instructions

A blue Ooze Booster is being inserted into a blue Ooze Glyco freeze bong to create a torchless dab rig.

  1. Start by loading the Booster the same way as noted in the dab pen instructions.
  2. Next, remove the bottom cap and put the adaptor into any 14mm water pipe.
  3. Then, all your customer needs to do is heat the device (we recommend Sesh Mode) and take a hit from the rig while pulling it out of the downstem to clear the vapor.

How To Use Both Heat-Up Atomizer Methods

The Booster offers two ways to heat the Onyx Atomizer; Manual Mode and Sesh Mode.

Manual Mode

Demonstrating Manual Mode on an Ooze Booster by a girl holding the red and black device. The graphic says Press! to indicate pressing the button to activate Manual Mode


Manual Mode is the traditional method that involves pressing the button to heat the atomizer. To use Manual Mode, press the button (after loading the dab and selecting the temperature) to heat the device as you inhale.


Sesh Mode

Demonstrating Sesh Mode on an Ooze Booster by showing a girl clicking the button on a red and black device. The graphic says Click!

Your customers can also opt to use Sesh Mode, where you don't need to hold the button down while vaping. Once the dab is loaded, click the button twice, and the Booster will heat continuously for 15 seconds. This method works best for customers using the water pipe function.


How to Clean the Ooze Booster

A girl with colorful acrylic nails is holding a red and black Ooze Booster. She's holding the cap in one hand and the device in the other, open to show the Azul ceramic heating dish.

Since Onyx Atomizer is super efficient and leaves barely any residue behind, cleaning the Ooze Booster is a breeze for your customers! The ceramic core is a flat dish, so there's nowhere for the dab to pool and puddle in the bottom. To clean the core dish, your customers can add a drop or two of isopropyl alcohol to the bucket and heat the device until the core dish is dry. Then, as the liquid is vaporized, they need to stop heating immediately to avoid burning out the dry coil. Once this process is done, your customers will see the blue Azul ceramic again and can start their next sesh!


We also recommend using Ooze Resolution Micro Swabs if residue builds inside the mouthpiece. These are the pre-soaked, slim cotton swabs that are included in the Booster's accessories box. Stock up on 100ct packs so customers can replenish their stash. They can also use a paper clip to clear any stubborn residue inside the mouthpiece cap's white ceramic screen piece. It's really that easy!


How to Replace the Onyx Atomizer

A close-up shot of a white girl's hand that's filled with Onyx Atomizers for the Booster and Electro Barrel. There are a bunch of devices on a table in the background.

Atomizers won't last forever, so your customers will have to replace their Onyx Atomizer sooner or later, depending on their frequency of use. We recommend stocking up on Onyx Replacement Coil Packs so your customers can easily buy replacements at the time of purchase. To replace it, all they have to do is unscrew the original atomizer and screw in the new one!


How to Charge the Ooze Booster

A girl with colorful acrylic nails uses the type-c charging cable to plug into the red and black Ooze Booster.

The Booster has a 1100 mAh battery, with incredible battery life so your customers can rip their pen all day. To charge it, the pen comes with a type-C charging cable that allows them to continue using the device while connected to a power source! Ooze calls this method pass-through charging.


Displaying the Ooze Booster In Your Store

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend putting the new Ooze Booster Extract Vaporizer on full display with all four vivid color options; Rainbow, Arctic Blue, Panther Black, and Midnight Sun. We also recommend displaying this device along with Onyx Replacement Coil Packs, and Ooze Resolution Micro Swabs so that your customers can complete their portable dabbing kit!

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