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Introducing the Ooze Beacon Extract Vaporizer Pen with C-Core Technology

Introducing the Ooze Beacon Extract Vaporizer Pen with C-Core Technology

Samantha Catrambone |

Ooze has officially launched C-Core, a powerful new technology designed to give your customers faster heating, better flavor, and a smarter vaping experience. They've added this new tech to a line of flower and extract vaporizers, giving you innovative new products to show your customers this 4/20.

We are excited to introduce one of their new all-in-one wax pens, the Ooze Beacon, a sleek extract vaporizer pen powered by the Ooze C-Core Onyx Atomizer. This is a fantastic concentrate device for customers looking to get into wax, especially during 4/20 as novice customers make their way into your store. This article will dive into the Beacon’s incredible features, user instructions, cleaning instructions, and how to strategically display this sub-ohm dab pen in your store!


The NEW Ooze Beacon Extract Vaporizer with C-Core Technology

The Ooze Beacon Extract Vaporizer is a powerful extract vaporizer packed into the familiar sleek shape of the OG Ooze vape. Although it might look like a regular Ooze pen, it features the C-Core Onyx Atomizer, giving your customers extremely potent and flavorful clouds. This powerful atomizer has a resistance of 0.8 ohms, making the Beacon an official sub-ohm vape! To learn more about why sub-ohm vaping is the best way to enhance flavor and vapor production, check out this article on sub-ohm vaping so you can better educate your clientele.


An Ooze Extract Vaporizer Powered by the C-Core Onyx Atomizer

The new Ooze Beacon features the patented Ooze C-Core Onyx Atomizer, which separates it from other extract vaporizers on the market. This atomizer has a smart ceramic disk with an Azul nano ceramic coating that contains millions of pathways with extreme micro-porosity. This gives the dab ample room to spread out during the heating process so it can vaporize evenly.

 The 4 colors of the Ooze Beacon onyx atomizers are laying on their side, lined up in a row on a glass block with the Azul core showing.

The Onyx Atomizer also has an innovative airway design so your customers can use the power of their lungs to ensure every last bit of their extracts is vaporized! This special airway starts down on the atomizer's thread, below the core heating dish. The air is pulled up into the core from below, instead of down through the mouthpiece. This circulates the air vortex through every centimeter of the chamber, leaving no residue behind. The result is incredible;  a fuller, cleaner, and more efficient dab every time!


An All-In-One Dabbing Device

Another huge selling point of the Ooze Beacon is that it's an all-in-one device, perfect for customers who like to travel with their stash or are new to the world of dabbing. They've hidden a dab tool right under the mouthpiece, so your customers can easily handle their concentrates no matter where they decide to have their next sesh.

A white girl's hand with bright pink nails is holding a rainbow Ooze Beacon pen with the cap removed and tilted to show a dab of extract on the tool.

The new Ooze Beacon Extract Vaporizer is a portable yet powerful vape pen that will upgrade and streamline your customer's dabbing experience! With a long-lasting battery, innovative smart ceramic tech, flex temperature settings, and a 100% heavy metal-free vaping experience, the Ooze Beacon is the perfect beginner-friendly extract vaporizer to show your customers looking to elevate their next sesh!


How to Use the Ooze Beacon Extract Vaporizer

The Ooze Beacon is a beginner-friendly and easy-to-use dabbing device. Just remember to let your customers know that before using their new wax pen, they will want to register it on the Ooze Life website to activate their warranty. The authenticity code for registration will be on a card inside the Beacon package. After registering, the instructions for this dab pen are super straightforward:

Beacon Dab Pen Instructions

  1. To start, the user must twist the mouthpiece to open the device.
  2. Next, load a dab into the Onyx Atomizer. This can be done using the small dab tool under the cap or with the Ooze Hot Knife (a perfect upselling opportunity).
  3. Then, replace the mouthpiece cap and click the button 5x to turn it on.
  4. Lastly, all your customers must do is select a temperature by clicking the button 3x, and they will be ready to take a dab!

How To Use Both Heat-Up Atomizer Methods

The Beacon offers two ways to heat the Onyx Atomizer; Manual Mode and Sesh Mode. Both methods are great for different reasons, so let's learn how to use both heat-up atomizer methods.


Manual Mode

A girl with a blue acrylic nail is pressing the Ooze Beacon's button and holding to activate Manual Mode.

Manual Mode is the traditional method of pressing the button to heat the atomizer. To use Manual Mode, press the button (after loading the dab and selecting the temperature) to heat the device during inhale.


Sesh Mode

A black Ooze Beacon is being held up with the LED light on to show that the device is heating and is in Sesh Mode. The graphic says "Press Twice!" to activate.

Your customers can also opt to use Sesh Mode, where you don't need to hold the button down while vaping. Instead, once the dab is loaded, click the button twice, and the Beacon will heat continuously for 15 seconds.


How to Clean the Ooze Beacon

Since Onyx Atomizer is super efficient and leaves barely any residue behind, cleaning the Ooze Beacon is easy. The ceramic core is a flat dish, so there's nowhere for the dab to pool and puddle in the bottom. To clean it, all your customers have to do is add a drop or two of isopropyl alcohol to the bucket and heat the device until the core dish is dry. Then, once the liquid is vaporized, heating must be stopped immediately to avoid burning the dry coil. Your customers will know their atomizer is clean again when they see the blue of the Azul ceramic!


We also recommend using Ooze Resolution Micro Swabs if residue builds inside the mouthpiece to give it a quick wipe down. Or, they can just use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl to clean around the atomizer and soak the removable pieces in isopropyl. The Micro Swabs make it easier because they are pre-soaked.


How to Replace the Onyx Atomizer

Unfortunately, atomizers won’t last forever, so sooner or later your customers are going to have to replace their Onyx Atomizer. Luckily, Ooze sells Beacon replacement packs, so your customers can easily buy replacements at the time of purchase. These replacement packs include an Onyx Atomzier and a new mouthpiece cap.

A girl is holding the three parts of the black Ooze Beacon pen, all separated

A replacement pack is available for all 4 colors of the Beacon, since the Beacon's Onyx Atomizer is the part of the pen with the geometric texture. We recommend keeping fully stocked on replacements to make this an easy add-on for your customers!


How to Charge the Ooze Beacon

A girl is plugging the type-C charger into the port on the bottom of the black Ooze Beacon pen

The Beacon includes a type-C charging cable that allows you to continue using the device while it's connected to a power source which is called pass-through charging. Just remember to let your customers know that they should only charge the Beacon with a wall adapter connected to an outlet. Charging the Beacon in a vehicle or using a port not connected to a wall could void their warranty.


Displaying the Ooze Beacon In Your Store

We recommend putting the new Ooze Beacon Extract Vaporizer on full display in your store with complimentary items to maximize upselling opportunities. Some products we recommend displaying along with Beacon are the Onyx Replacement Packs, the Ooze Hot Knife, Ooze Traveler Smell Proof Travel Pouch, and Ooze Resolution Micro Swabs. This way, your customers can customize their portable dabbing experience!


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