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Upselling Opportunities: Replacement Coil Packs

Upselling Opportunities: Replacement Coil Packs

Layne Alfred |

There’s a lot we’ve learned from being in the cannabis industry. One thing we’ve come to understand is that our customers don’t fully grasp the concept of coils, and especially the fact that they need to be replaced after a period of time. The coil is the part of a dab pen or rig that has the heating component to vaporize the extract. It is the part that comes into direct contact with the concentrate while taking a dab.

A white female hand with maroon nails holds an Ooze domed coil and an Ooze wax atomizer.


Why you should stock replacement coils

The truth is, coils are a dispensable accessory. Regular cleaning and replacing of coils keeps the battery working in order for much longer, requires less maintenance, and obviously will hit much better! Every time the coil is cleaned or replaced, it feels like a brand new device. And, issues with the battery are often linked to the coil itself.


This is exactly why your store should always be stocked with plenty of coil options. It’s a wonderful opportunity to not only upsell customers with a replacement coil, but also educate them on the importance of replacing their coils from time to time.

 A white female hand with a light purple thumb nail is holding a dirty Ooze wax atomizer coil to show the resin build up on the quartz rods inside.

Frequent use, especially at a high temperature, can create buildup on the coil or even burn it. Coils contain a wick that absorbs the material to vaporize it, and this is usually the root of the issue. This happens to every type of coil, no matter how high quality or even expensive it was. If the coil is burnt, it could irritate the throat along with tasting like burnt rubber. You can encourage your customers to buy a pack of coils so they can replace it every couple weeks and avoid clogged, nasty-tasting, or even painful hits.


Different styles of coils

An infographic shows 5 different styles of replacement coils made by Ooze. From left to right, there is a Domed Coil 5-pack, a Slim Twist Pro atomizer pack with 3 coils, an Ooze x Stache ConNectar Clapton coil replacement 2-pack, a single Comet quartz coils, and 3 rainbow Fusion dab pen coils. Each image has the name of the product listed underneath.

Most brands offer replacement packs of coils for any of their devices that require them. Ooze has a variety of different coils that will satisfy any type of customer, and several options that are compatible with any 510 thread device. These include:

  • Domed coils: great for atomizer heads and Glass Globe attachments.
  • Wax atomizer tanks: compatible with all 510-thread batteries, including all Ooze batteries.
  • Clapton coils: compatible with Ooze x Stache ConNectar devices and has a larger surface area than typical coils, heating more oil faster.
  • Comet coils: designed for the Ooze Comet eNail (available in 3 options).
  • Fusion coils: designed for the ooze Fusion vaporizer (kit includes 3 styles of coils and mouthpiece).


All of these popular options come in smaller packages that are easy to display in-store. Just set them near the corresponding device displays so customers know that these are replacements for the coils already in the piece they already own.

 A white female hand is holding two different replacement packs of Ooze domed coils for 510 thread concentrate vaporizers.

Another way to upsell coils is to run promotions on them specifically to increase average order values. For example, every customer who buys a device gets the corresponding pack of replacement coils for a discounted price or for free. This is just another way to start educating your customers on the importance of having backup coils on hand.


If many of your customers opt for vaping cannabis concentrates, having a variety of coils to fit every device will be a huge upselling advantage. Check out all our coil packs and stock up today!

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