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Partner Brand Highlight: Why Choose Loud Lock?

Partner Brand Highlight: Why Choose Loud Lock?

Samantha Catrambone |

Loud Lock provides high-quality packaging solutions for every application. Whether you are running a small- or large-scale operation, Loud Lock offers a wide variety of unique packaging products at the best price available. From smell-proof mylar bags, child-safe pop tops, to custom design options, Loud Lock has everything customers need when it comes to dispensary packaging.

When we choose companies to bring into the Cannatron family, it is because they create unique and innovative solutions we know our customers will enjoy. We are so excited to have them in the family and what they have been able to achieve as leaders in the packaging supply industry.

Who is Loud Lock?

Loud Lock is a Michigan-based premier manufacturer of packaging and custom shipping solutions for the cannabis industry. As a packaging supply industry leader, Loud Lock is committed to creating products that are fully compliant with all laws and regulations regarding the medical and recreational cannabis markets. Loud Lock is also highly focused on developing packaging solutions equipped with child-safe and smell-proof technologies.

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Why Choose Loud Lock?

Loud Lock has tons of amazing packaging solutions that set a high standard for the packaging supply industry. Whether you want smell-proof mylar bags or child-resistant pop lock container solutions, Loud Lock has a wide selection of sizes to choose from to fulfill any customer need. Plus, Loud Lock is dedicated to giving customers the highest quality products at the best price possible. With rave reviews from tons of customers nationwide, you can count on Loud Lock to deliver quality to you and your customers every time.

Loud Lock Mylar Bags

Loud Lock Mylar Bags are designed with versatility and durability in mind. They are resealable which locks in freshness while locking out dirt, water, and dust. Although these smell-proof bags are ideal for storing cannabis, they are also an effective long-term storage solution for tons of industry applications. Customers use these durable mylar bags for food storage applications for products like coffee, candy, and spices. They are also perfect for storing beauty supplies for products like lip gloss, skincare, and lashes. With Loud Lock, you can count on products that are of the highest quality standard available.

Loud Lock Mylar Bags

Loud Lock Pop Tops

Loud Lock's Pop Tops are a great smell-proof cannabis storage option equipped with a squeeze to open top. Your customers will love how these containers keep their herb fresh with airtight technology that’s engineered to lock in odor. Along with locking in strong odors, these weed storage containers have child-safe technology to lock out minors. Made of thick and durable UV-resistant and water-proof plastic, these containers are perfect for protecting bud from the elements. Plus, they come in tons of size options so there is a size for every use case!

Loud Lock Pop Top Infographic

Loud Lock for Wholesale Distribution

Loud Lock packaging products are a staple in any smoke shop, dispensary, and for any dispensary distributor. With a variety of options for packaging applications, Loud Lock has everything you need to package your products safely.

The Cannatron Team is dedicated to selecting Partner Brands that further our mission, vision, and goal to own the shelf. We choose Loud Lock because it is a company that understands what it takes to create quality products that keep customers coming back.

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