Cannatron Best-Sellers: 2021 Roundup

Now that 2021 has officially come to a close, it’s time to reveal which products truly earned their shelf space this year! This was an interesting year, to say the least, and we ran into plenty of inventory issues due to the global supply chain disruption. The products on this list have maintained their top positions through the end of the year, which is an impressive feat considering there were times throughout the year that each item listed was out of stock. 

This proves just how much selling power these products have. Each product also has an incredibly high number of repeat customers, which tells us that the partners we work with are having success selling them in their own stores and through their own channels. We’re proud of the variety of different category-killing products we carry and can’t wait to see what the next big thing is for 2022. 


Predictions for 2022 

We don’t expect any of the items on this list to lose any popularity in the next year, so in addition to seeing this list perform well, we have some predictions for 2022! As expected, we’ve seen a recent increase in demand for pre-rolled cones. Further supply chain issues are expected, so we expect to see plenty of sales of cones as long as we can keep them in stock. 

More and more customers are actively searching for tobacco-free wrap options, which is a trend that will certainly continue into the next year. Slowly but surely, we expect tobacco-free options to completely take over tobacco wraps eventually, and we’re continuing to diversify our selection of brands and products. Additionally, we can’t wait for King Palm to release even more flavors and dual flavor pack options. 

Finally, we’re seeing an uptick in both site searches and purchases of products that make your space smell good. Incense, air freshener sprays, and personal air filters have been growing in popularity. While you most likely stock a few of the classic options, try out some new brands or scents and see how your customers respond. This might be exactly what they’re looking for! 

Keep up with the Cannatron blog to learn about more predictions and market trends. Without further ado, here are the top overall products of 2021! 


Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen Batteries 

Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen Batteries in all 15 colors. The black is shown at the top.


Without a doubt, the Ooze Slim Twist is the most popular product we sold in 2021. The Slim Twist is the most common Ooze pen seen on the street, and is a 510 thread vaporizer battery that has a temperature dial on the bottom and comes in 15 different colors. From that long list of color options, Panther Black and Rainbow came out on the very top. The acrylic display also proved popular, and it displays 48 Slim Twists in an eye-catching, sophisticated manner.


King Palm Flavored Pre-Rolled Cones 

King Palm Perfect Pear pre-rolled cones in Rollie Size. 2-pack pouches in a 20ct display.

The king of flavor gets to keep the crown this year! King Palm’s flavored wraps reigned supreme across the board. Unfortunately, these were some of the most heavily-impacted by supply chain issues, so it was a rare occurrence for us to have all flavors in all size options in stock at once. Although we can’t name a clear winner, we were especially excited about the Rollie size.  


Truweigh Blaze Mini Scale 12ct Display 

Truweigh blaze 12ct mini digital pocket scale counter display. One is shown loose in front.

The Truweigh Blaze is a super compact pocket scale that has become a fan-favorite for weighing out personal amounts of flower. Digital scales don’t typically have POP displays, so these compact counter displays stand out from the crowd. Truweigh offers these displays in two scale capacity options: 100g and 600g. While both popular, the 100g scales were the top overall choice. 


White Rhino 19/14mm Glass Downstem 49ct Display 

White Rhino 19/14mm glass removable replacement downstem 49ct counter display

If you sell glass water pipes, then keeping this replacement glass downstem POP display in your store is a no-brainer. This is the most common, standard size of removable glass downstems, and this display includes 7 different length options to fit a huge variety of different water pipes. It can be hard to find the correct replacement for a bong, so this display should help the customers who have broken a part of their favorite piece.  


Loud Lock Mylar Bags 

Three Loud Lock mylar bags are fanned out. The two on the left are white and the one on the left is black.

Mylar bags were by far the most popular packaging option we sold in 2021. We love the Loud Lock brand mylar bags because of their dedication to quality. Each bag is child safe, smell proof, airtight, and moisture resistant. They provide amazing storage that keeps products fresh for extended periods of time, and don’t' take up too much space to store. The 1,000ct bulk box of the 1/8 size and the 1 gram size were the best-selling mylar bags. 


That wraps up our 2021 best-seller list, but we’ll be back with a new list at the end of January for the month’s hottest products to keep you ahead of the competition!